Tuesday 26 February 2013

Citizen Quartz Multi Alarm III 41-3534

Back to the 70s again today, with a nice retro number by Citizen.

The watch is part of the old Citizen Quartz line of watches which were the early range of LCDs that ran from the 70s and into the 80s. This can be seen by the overlapping CQ symbol that is usually found on the face and the clasp.

The model is called a Multi Alarm III, which to state the obvious, should be the third Multi Alarm that Citizen released. It isn't because it has 3 alarms though, with the name referring to it's two alarm options (but it has an hourly chime too). Quite a lot of Multi Alarm III watches seem to be shown on the web, but I couldn't find any others with this particular face design (although there are others with the same layout)

The display uses a 6 digit LCD panel (-smaller digits for seconds), with 4 icons in a row above the time. These icons show which mode is active and covers the two alarms, chime, and stopwatch. There is also a bulb based light for the LCD.

It has 4 buttons, which unusually are arranged with 3 on one side, and each one has a different coloured ring around the side.

The serial number on the back doesn't follow the modern pattern, so doesn't tell me the exact date. I guess it is from the 1970s though, as the year range on the date is from 1970 to 2009 (so they didn't think the watch would last until today!).

The other model numbers are 41-3534, and 4-099303.

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  1. Hello my friend, my name is Miguel, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have that same watch, it was one of the few things my father left me, that just today would be his birthday. A few months ago I had a road accident and the watch glass was destroyed. I can't get any restorer who wants to repair it. I would like to know if you know where to find a spare, since you are the only person I have seen so far that has it.

    Thank you very much for your attention, and I hope you read this.