Wednesday 12 February 2014

Casio W-78 Alarm Chronograph

I'm back to the Casio watches today with one of their LCD models.

Today's watch is the W-78 which is an alarm chronograph model. It is a Japanese version, with ones sold in Europe/USA often being quoted as an important model. From the design, it looks like an earlier model, but it is still available today for around $25.

The watch uses a 593 module, which has appeared on the blog before in the A158 model. Time is shown on the LCD display using 6 digits with small digits for day and date above. As it's an alarm chronograph, it has alarm and chronograph functions (to 1/100 sec), but that's it.

The shape is a little more unusual with the watch appearing as round from the front (with mounds for the buttons), but it looks octagonal from behind. The strap is resin and has a part number of 286F6. The only other information I have is that it is 5 bar water resistant and made in Thailand.