Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bulova Neo-classic by Benetton

Today is one of the collaborations I blogged about last April, but this time, maybe with a hint on their release date.

The watch is one of a series of watches which were a collaboration between the watch maker Bulova and the fashion brand United Colors of Benetton.

The Benetton group was founded in 1965 and named after the Benetton family. The United Colors line is well known for their bright colours, and many of the watches follow this theme. The Bulova brand are an American brand making luxury clocks and watches. It was founded in 1912, but has been part of the Citizen Watch Co. since 2007.

It seems like the collaboration with Benetton may have started in the late 80s, and this watch from 1993. The dial states 1965 - 1993 neo-classic by benetton, so seems to be promoting the 28th anniversary of the Benetton brand. I've seen others online, so know that it came in gold with a green face, or this silver version with a silver face and green writing (and green strap). In the centre of the dial is a stylized version of the Benetton logo, and the Bulova name, and the logo is also imprinted into the rim of the watch face.

The watch is a 3 hand dial design, and inside there is a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement with 1 jewel and a metal construction. I don't know of it's bad luck, but this movement has failed on me more than the Japanese movements, as I've recently found a couple that I couldn't get working. The sticker on the back states that the watch was assembled in Hong Kong, so it isn't an entirely Swiss made watch.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Steltman Bracelet Watch

Today's watch is one of my ladies watches that fits my wrist, and I liked this one as I think it looks like a wristband from a sci-fi movie.

The watch is by a company called Steltman, who's logo is the Steltman name with a large S across the middle. The Steltman name is mainly linked with a Dutch watch company that works with high end watches, but I don't think this brand is linked with them. The Steltman watches are like many other design brands in that they only seem to appear on sales sites.

This watch is a 3 hand dial design built into a solid metal bracelet. The dial is quite wide and tapers into the shiny metal bracelet, and there are jewel markers at the main  hour marks. The bracelet is hinged and fastens with crocodile clip style fastener on the bottom side. Inside is a Seiko Epson AL55A module, but no other information about the makers.

For the date, I haven't found anything definitive, but the one other I've seen of this model was sold as new in the last couple of years.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Town & County VA03

Today's watch is from a brand I've ended up with a few watches from, but this is the first I've blogged.

The watch is by a brand called Town & Country, or to give the full name that appears on the dial Town & County Surf Designs.

The brand is a world recognised manufacturer of surfboards, and originated in Hawaii in 1971. It was started by Craig Sugihara and was famous in the 80s for their shirt designs featuring cartoon characters such as Thrilla Gorilla.

The Town & Country watches appear on Japanese auctions quite a lot, and judging by the sticker on the back on this one, may have been made by Orient (in 1998). This model is a 3 hand dial design with an extra button for a light. It is a heavy water resistant model (20 bar) with a screw back. The design has a stylized logo on the face with the Town & Country name. There is also a rotating bezel, with the yin and yang symbol used by Town & Country at the 0 position, which can also be found engraved on the back. The watch has a fabric strap, so is suitable for use in the water.

There is a model number on the back of VA03-HO, and inside there is a complicated looking module with a number ELD-005-1(rev 1) for the light sitting over the quartz module for the watch.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pokémon Keldeo Watch

I've been with my family today so wore another of my children's watches.

This watch is one of my many Pokémon watches, but a more modern one this time.

Today's model is from 2012 and was released to commemorate the unveiling and release of the Pokemon Keldeo. Keldeo was leaked in February 2012 before being fully revealed in that June. The Pokemon Keldeo is a legendary Pokemon and is number 647 in the national Pokedex. It is called the Colt Pokemon and is a combined water and fighting Pokemon and has two forms depending on the situation in the game.

The watch has a picture of Keldeo on the face, and has a blue and white strap with Keldeo's name on. It has a 3 1/2 digit LCD display as with the other novelty watches, with the standard time, date, and seconds displays. It is more unusual in that the button to change the mode looks like a normal crown design.

The watch copyright is to Nintendo and Pokemon as well as something written in Japanese (as this is a Japanese model watch). The back doesn't give much more away and just has a sticker saying 'made in China'.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crazy Planet Gumwatch Aqua

It's really hot here today so I thought I'd wear something silly and summery.

This watch was bought by me when I was living in Scotland (in the early 00s). I was queueing to buy my lunch one day and this was by the counter and caught my eye so I decided I must have it (and it cost me £5).

The watch is made for Crazy Planet who are based in Barcelona, Spain. The Crazy Planet brand was started by the Spanish Chupa Chups S.A. company in the late 90s, famous for their lollipops, to market non-lolipop products.

This product is the Gumwatch Aqua, or as I refer to it, my sweet dispensing water pistol watch. The Gumwatch Aqua has a basic 3 1/2 digit LCD display, and like most novelty watches, has just time, date, and seconds displays. The case is huge, because the majority of the watch is taken up by its special features. On the right side is a button called open, which causes the watch face to flip up, revealing the space for the gum sweets underneath. On the left side is a flip up targeting sight, and the trigger for the built-in water pistol. The nozzle for the spray is at the top/front of the watch so it is easy to squirt people in front of you, and you can get 5-6 squirts from a full tank. The filling hole is on the bottom of the watch, but the water pistol can be detached so you can fill it without getting the sweets wet (or to use it as a separate mini water pistol). This is definitely meant to be a kids watch, but the case is so big, it dwarfs my wrist, and maybe is the largest watch I own!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Casio LCD F-91W

I thought today's watch was a normal vintage Casio, but while researching it, I found it is a controversial model.

The F-91W is a basic LCD watch which came out in 1991. Like many at the time, it has a standard 2 line LCD in a black resin case. The main line is a 6 digit time display, and there are small day and date digits on the top line. There are 3 buttons on the watch which change the mode, light the LED bulb light, or switch between 12 and 24 hr display modes. For the other modes, it has an alarm and a stopwatch. Inside is a Casio 593 module which should last for 7 years on its CR2016 module. The module and the design are the same as the A158W I've blogged before, but that one was with a metal case.

The infamy came in April 2011, when the watch appeared in the news. The Guardian newspaper reported that US Military Intelligence had identified that this model was used by al-Qaeda as the timer for bombs, and that possession of this watch was an indicator that an individual had received bomb making training in Afghanistan by al-Qaeda. I don't know why this model was singled out, but it's a worry for the legitimate owners of an F-91W like myself who've never had bomb making training or been to Afghanistan! Here is a link to a BBC article on the watch (BBC link).

Friday, 18 July 2014

Lovers House - Merry's Arms

I'm wearing another of the fun watches from the Super Lovers range, and this one has the style of some early Disney watches.

The watch is part of a range called Lovers House which is quoted as being distributed by Super Lovers. The Super Lovers this refers to is the Harajuku Super Lovers clothing brand from Tokyo.

For the Lovers House watches, there are two panda mascots (Ken and Merry) which often appear in the design. Today's watch features only Merry in the centre of the dial with the numbers around the dial in red circles. The hours and minutes hands fit in the design and are Merry's arms which rotate. She is also wearing white gloves like Mickey Mouse does in the old mechanical Disney watches. There is also a red seconds hand making this a 3 hand dial design. There are no other makers marks on the watch, but inside is a Miyota movement (which is one of a range of different manufacturers that the Super Lovers watches have used). The watches started in the 90s, but I don't know when this particular model was out.