Sunday, 14 September 2014

Casio Hotbiz DB-2000

Yesterday, I wore a Casio watch from 1995, and today is another - but with a completely different style.

Today's watch is the DB-2000 Hotbiz Menory Protect 200. The watch is one of the high tech Casio Data Bank models, but unlike earlier models, this had ditched the touchscreen, and ended up with an unusual input method. The watch is controlled by a small directional thumb pad style input with an enter key. To select a mode, you press enter and use the direction pad to choose the option, followed by enter to select it.

There are 8 options on the watch, and 4 of these are different categories for the data bank (business, private, personal and play), with the private one having a password for access. The other 4 options are the watch display modes and are time, alarm (x5), timer, and stopwatch.

Inside is a 1495 module, but there are some with a 1498 module instead (which seem to be more common). It is a high tech module which includes a sensor to tell whether the back is open. This opening sensor requires 2 small springs but if either of them are missing the watch won't work (but you can join the connections with a staple as I found out to get this one working). Power is provided from a CR2016 battery.

The LCD is square with 3 lines of info and 2 lines of modes below. The 3 LCD lines are a dot matrix along the top (for day and year), a 6 digit time display on the bottom, and a smaller 7 digit line in the middle (normally showing the date).

The Hotbiz line was a collection of business watches, but there isn't any information about what the definition of the line was. I'd guess that it was Casio's line for fashionable (hot) business (biz) watches, but that is just my thinking. The Hotbiz name is shown on the face, the back, and on the stainless steel strap (with the part number S-589L).

The Memory Protect name is part of the data bank functions and means that the data bank is protected in a way such that the information is kept even if the battery runs flat.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Casio G-Shock Foxfire DW-8195 Crazy Gangsters

I like the old G-Shocks from the early lines, especially the 90s models which seem to be quite common in my collection.

Today's watch is another 90s model and this time one of the Foxfire models. The Foxfire models seem to be a Japan only version where the Foxfire text replaces the Illuminator text on the watch face. According to MyGShock, the Foxfire name may come from the fact that Foxfire is a term for the bioluminescence from a certain fungi, and this even featured in a Mark Twain novel.

This model is a special edition with the number DW-8195 and was one of 9 watches under the Crazy Gangsters (or Crazy Gang Stars) name. They were a 90s G-Shock series and were released in June 1995 with an original sale price of ¥15,000. All of the models have a different picture which has a military theme, and this is the purple model with a helmet, wings, and a sword design in the backlight. It has a fabric strap with leather back, and on the part of the case where the strap connects is a metal plate with the word Gangsters imprinted on it. This models specific model number is DW-8195-1A6.

The watch is powered by a 1430 module and has a rectangular LCD with 3 sections. The bottom of the display has the 6 digits of the time, and across the middle are 5 LCD blocks which fill and empty with the seconds. The top of the display has a dot matrix array with quite large blocks. By default, the dot matrix array shows the day and date, but when the light is activated by the button on the front, the dot matrix shows 1 of 7 phrases (or 8 if you include the G symbol). The phrases are slang sayings and are: Hang, Party!, Do it!, 'S up?, Cool!, MEGA, and RAVE!.

Mode-wise, the watch isn't too loaded, only having stopwatch, timer, and alarm modes.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Boy London BOY-31-W Helicopter

The last time I blogged a Boy London watch I mentioned that there was a very common model number, but that one was the first I'd blogged. Well, today is the second!

The model number in question is the BOY-31-W by the British fashion brand Boy London. The Boy London brand was active in the 80s before taking a break and reappearing in the 2000s. During the break, the brand was a popular second hand purchase, but it was when the watches began to appear. As the brand was not actively running, I'm assuming that the watches were made under license (or possibly without licence) to use the name.

The watches with the model number BOY-31-W came in a variety of designs but in a similar style. The watch has a round metal case with the Boy London name in raised letters around the bezel. The strap is two colours of leather (this time brown and black) with the piece connecting to the case having rivets, the Boy London name and the Eagle logo. This particular version has a blue face with a gold (military?) helicopter design above the word "London" in blue. The 9 and 3 hour markers are also gold, but at the 12 o'clock position there is a Union Jack, and the word Boy replaces the 6 o'clock marker.

The watch is a 3 hand dial design with white hands and is run by a Japanese quartz module.

The back just has the Boy London name, model number, water resistance, and materials (base metal bezel and stainless steel back). I think that the back design is what indicates which era of Boy London watch this is, but I haven't completely cracked the code yet.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Storm Mooky

My mother is here to visit at the moment, and as she has a cool watch, so I thought I'd blog that one today.

The watch is another by one of my favourite brands Storm of London. The Storm brand is known for its distinctive styles of watches and accessories. It was launched in 1989 and is the only recognised British fashion watch brand on the market today, and now has stores in over 45 countries around the world.

The watch is a ladies design called the Mooky. It is a small 2 hand design in an oval metal case. The strap is solid metal which curves around the wrist with short links around the connector. Inside, the watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement.

It was released in the mid to late 2000s, with the first information appearing online in 2005.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Timex Triathlon - Small

Today's watch was smaller when I'd put it on my wrist than I'd anticipated, but it just about fits with my small wrists.

The watch is one of the Timex watches from the Triathlon line of watches. Timex watches are made by the Dutch holding company Timex Group which has several watch making subsidiaries within the company. They released the Triathlon range originally in 1984, with the possibly more well known Ironman Triathlon being started 2 years later.

I'd guess that this watch was a 90s or early 00s design from the style, but as they don't have a good model number system, it has to be a guess (although there is the number 465-A on the back). It could well be earlier though as this is a standard design for the Triathlon range.

It has an LCD display with two lines of six equally sized digits. By default, the top line is for day and date with the bottom line showing time. The top line is set up so it can display text though, and describes the mode that is about to be selected. Modes included are chronograph, timer, and alarm, and it has an 8 lap memory.

The layout looks like a hand held stopwatch with buttons poking out of the side of the case at an angle. The stopwatch buttons are on the front of the watch for easy access while doing sports. The buttons are so small though, that I feel this must be a kids version as you need very small fingers to use it effectively. As this is a Triathlon model, it is of course water resistant (to 50m).

On the back is a US patent number D.287.341 which covers this particular design of watch and was filed in 1984 by Gary Grimes of the Timex Corporation.

The original sale price of this model was ¥9,800.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Firetrap Kate Moross Limited Edition White

Today I'm wearing a limited edition watch which would have fitted well with the recent street art festival.

The watch is by Firetrap who are a British company specialising in premium menswear and accessories. They started under the WDT (World Design & Trade) group, but are now part of the Sports Direct group (along with Lonsdale and Karrimor).

This particular model is a limited edition release, exclusively designed by Kate Moross. Kate Moross is a designer, illustrator, and art director based in London. She is known for her typography illustrations, and has designed ad campaigns and clothing lines, as well as directing music videos.

The Moross Firetrap watch was released in October 2010 (according to an album of photos from the launch party). The watches came in three colours, black, pink, and the white design I'm wearing. The face features a geometric design in different grey shades and colourful hands. It is a 3 hand dial watch with a quartz movement in a heavyweight metal case and strap. The hands are bright pink (hours), bright green (minutes), and yellow (seconds). The back plate shows the Moross logo (3 concentric triangles) and the usual info on water resistance (5atm) and material of construction (stainless steel).

It was released as a limited edition, but there is some disagreement online as to how many were made. I've seen both 150 and 500 quoted, but haven't got a definitive answer. The model number is FT1009KMW, and the original rrp was around £35.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Neff Flava Cyan

Yesterday I blogged a vintage LCD, and today, it's a modern version.

This watch is by the Neff brand (properly named as Neff Headwear) and is called the Flava. Neff Headwear was started by Shaun and Joe Neff in 2002. They started as a snow and skate headwear, but expanded later into sunglasses and watches with the Neff Vision and Neff Time collections. They are supported by many sports athletes, and have collaborations with stars like Snoop Dogs, Deadmau5, and Scarlett Johansson. They also have a charity side with a yearly initiative called Neff Hope.

The Flava watch is a modern take on the traditional 80s design of LCD watch. It is an alarm chronograph model and has an el-backlight. The LCD is over two lines with day and date at the top and time (6 digits) along the bottom. The back has the Flava name, a smiley round boys face logo, a sign telling you to not throw it in the bin, and the water resistance (5atm).

This version is the Cyan colour and there are over 20 different colour variations available. The rrp is $20 and the design is still for sale (although the cyan version doesn't appear on the Neff site anymore).