Friday, 22 May 2015

Boy London 'Tie-Fighter' shaped watch

Today's watch is one of those where there is no marked name or model number so I've had to make up a descriptive name for the blog post.

This particular design of watch reminds me of a Tie Fighter from Star Wars. It has a central section with the face as well as two vertical 'wings' on the sides.

The watch is by the Boy London brand. The Boy London watches seem to come in a couple of distinctive styles - one with an all metal design, and one which is more simple watches with two tone leather straps. This model. Is actually a little bit between the two, but closer to the metal watches. It has an unusual metal shaped case, and the leather strap has a metal attachment with Boy on that is similar to the links in many of the metal straps.

The watch part is a quartz analogue design. It is a 3 hand dial model, but with a seconds hand which is moulded with the Boy name. The face design has the totem style Eagle logo that Boy London often uses, and only has numbers for 2, 5, 8, and 11.

The back is one of the typical Boy London designs, showing the address of the Boy London original shop - 153 Kings Road. It also states that the original creator is Stephanie Raynor, which might imply that this was made by someone other than the original Boy London company. The back also says the copyright is MCMXCIV (1994) which is when the original Boy London brand was on hiatus. Other information on the back is that the watch has a Japanese movement and a stainless steel back.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Agnès b LCD W205

I've posted a few agnès b  watches on the blog so far, but this one is a little different than all of the others.

The difference here is that this model is an agnès b LCD watch rather than the more common quartz analogue watches.

The agnès b brand is a French fashion brand started in 1973 by the designer Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé. The fashion brand is the main business, but there is also a film production company, and Agnès has also funded completion of various movies. The fashion brand started with womens clothing before moving to menswear in 1981. The watches started in 1989 and are made in collaboration with Seiko, with the watches still being produced at this time. The logo is the agnès b name in a script style font, but this also means it is confused by many to read 'agnis b' instead.

This model is based around the Seiko W205 module. It has a small inverse LCD display which shows 3 1/2 digits. The module is one of the typical simple digital modules, and has only time, date, and seconds displays.

The case is quite thick at the centre, where the LCD display is, and there is also the brand logo and 'paris' above and below the display. The case then slopes down towards the strap connection, and the strap is a stainless steel expanding bracelet design (part number E0D7AG-S) where the links rotate when expanding.

The full model number is W205-4480, and this model came out in 1997 or 2007. As I've featured this module before in two Cabane de Zucca watches which came from the mid/late 90s, I'd reckon this watch is also from the same time period.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Void Sond NYG

Today's watch is my second Void watch after I blogged the V02 in March.

Void Watches was started in 2008 by David Ericsson, a Swedish designer who started the brand originally as a side project.

The Void Sond (or Sønd as it looks on the case) is a very simple watch in how it's constructed. The case is one moulded piece of nylon with the display module mounted into it. The nylon fabric strap loops through the case itself with no need for additional parts such as spring bars, meaning that there are very few pieces to the watch (the case, module, battery cover, strap, and two silicone loops to hold the loose end of the strap). The website states that each part can be made in any of 8 colours, so there are a lot of combinations available to them. This particular colour variation is called the Sond NYG and is still on sale for $95.

The time telling is done on the rectangular inverse LCD display on the lower part of the front of the case. The display is for 5 1/2 digits (as the first digit of the hours can only show a 1). The module has an el-backlight, but then that is it, with no other functions!

The name of the watch means either 'That which is sent', or is a type of balloon used for measuring atmospheric conditions in the upper atmosphere.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Alba Disney Mickey & Minnie Y950 Ana-Digi

In April 2013, I blogged about a vintage Alba watch with an analogue dial and an LCD in the glass. One of the conclusions of the blog post was that it was quite an uncommon model.

This watch shares the same module as that watch, the Y950, but this time it is a Disney version.

The Y950 watches came out in the early 90s and was one of the designs which seem to have been reasonably high tech and expensive for the time. The Y950 has a 3 hand dial which uses a crown for setting purposes. The glass has an LCD display built in with various display options. At the top and bottom of the LCD are two lines of digits, the top one able to show letters too. By default, these show day and date at the top and time at the bottom, but are also used by the alarm and stopwatch modes. In the centre of the display you can normally bring up a full month-view calendar with this module, however in this watch, the calendar has been replaced with an LCD picture of Mickey & Minnie.

This particular version is done as part of the collaboration between the Seiko brand Alba and Disney which has been going on maybe since the Alba brand was established. The watch face features a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and above the face are the words 'Mickey & Minnie'.

This watch was made in 1983 (same as the previously blogged model) and has a full model number of Y950-5030.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Deep DT-012

One of the best things about collecting obscure fashion watches is that they have many different weird and wonderful designs.

Today's watch is another by the mystery Deep brand. The brand seems relatively new, but they have produced a large range of watches, many with normal looking designs, but plenty with something unusual about them. The brand itself is hard to research, but they seem to mainly be made in China, and share designs with other fashion watches.

Based on the model number, this may be one of the earlier Deep watches. It is called the DT-012 and is a quartz analogue model. The unusual thing for the watch is the layout of the face. The centre for the hands is offset to the right of the watch, while the numbers are surrounding a circle offset to the left. This simple misalignment gives the watch an unusual feel, and has quite an effect on the ease of reading if you're not concentrating.

There is also a date marker in place of the number 4, and a rather unusual day marker. For the days, the names are written out in full around a small window to the left and slightly above centre. In the window is an arrow which points to the correct day, and clicks round to the next day along with the date -the arrow doesn't rotate though, but is on a disc with one arrow for each day and only one at a time can be seen.

I don't know when the watch was released, but it is likely late 2000s, or early 2010s. The brand is a low cost one, so the rrp was probably below ¥4,000.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Swatch Ellypting GB152

Today's watch is one of my old Swatch watches, but this time with an unusual way of telling the time.

This Swatch is called Ellypting and is one of the Swatch Originals models. It is a standard looking 3 hand design, but there are more numbers on the dial than you'd expect. The reason for this is that the watch has a 24 hr movement, and the hour hand only goes round once per day. The Ellypting is one of the first two 24 hr movement Swatch watches which were released in 1993, and it seems that there has only been 7 different designs released in total (the last in 1999).

It is one of the designs called Standard Gents, but actually seems to have been aimed at men and women. This means it has the standard plastic case, and this one has a leather strap (which is said to have an ostrich print). The face design has an ellipse in the middle with the different phases of the moon shown on the ellipse. There are numbers on the dial for every hour, but the odd numbers are much smaller.

It was released as part of the Fall Winter 1993 collection, having been designed in 1992. The model number is GB152.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Module 3D Style Dot Matrix LCD

It seems that the Internet is recognising that I collect a lot of mystery Japanese watch brands. Today's watch is another by Module, and my blog makes up a large proportion of the web hits when I keep searching.

The Module brand is made by a company called Poll Position Ltd Co. From the limited information I've found online, they may be an Osaka based manufacturing company, but also distributors of the Lip watch brand in Japan. They also have a Japanese auction profile selling these watches, but there doesn't seem to be a specific web site for the brand. The brand logo is the name MODULE, but with the O being a hexagonal shape.

This model is a different design to most of their watches as it is an LCD design rather than the more common quartz analogue watches. The LCD design is an inverse LCD, in what looks like a dot matrix array layout. As this is only used for showing digits, I can't be sure it is a true dot matrix or whether it is just split into square pixels for the digits only. The design of the digits is such that they have a 3D effect because although the digits are 2 pixels thick, it looks like they are 2 sets of 1 pixel thick numbers offset by 1 pixel to the right and down. The time display is a normal basic arrangement having just time, date, and seconds. The back of the watch just confirms the make (with the logo) and the Poll Position Ltd Co company, and the stainless steel construction, and there is also a 'Made in China' sticker attached.

The watch case is a large square design with the whole dace covered by the glass. The front of the watch extends wider than the main body making it look slimmer on your wrist than it really is. The strap is a metal chainmail style with a buckle, and this fastens directly into the main part of the case.

I bought this model brand new for a discounted ¥1000 (but it has an rrp closer to ¥2000) so I think it is a very recent release.