Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Deep Rotating Disc 5766 NW

Today's watch is one that either makes a piece fall into place in my watch investigations, or just confuses things further.

The watch is by a Japanese fashion brand called Deep, who I've covered on my blog previously. The produce many different designs and appear to be quite popular in Japan, but their origins are a bit of a mystery (as with many Japanese fashion brands).

The design here is also one which will have been seen before by regular readers. It is a 3 dial rotating disc design with only a thin rectangular face with the strap mounted on the front (making it look thinner than it really is). Inside is a Japanese quartz movement with the discs rotating rather than being a true jump hour.

The back has the Deep brand name, as well as the model number which doesn't follow the normal DT- numbering and is 5766 NW. This is where it gets confusing as the number 5766 is also linked with this same design in the Deadman watch line (as this has a model number of GV5766). This made me think that there are a few possible reasons including: 1) both Deep and Deadman are brands under the same main company (in parallel, or one later than the other), 2) both Deep and Deadman commission watches from the same manufacturer who has this model number for the design, or 3) one brand has copied the other, and ended up copying the number too (with Deadman seeming to be earlier in time). I can't work out which one of those options it may be, so I'll keep investigating!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Timex woven strap watch

I get asked quite often how I manage to decide which watch to wear for the day. There are different things I take into consideration, mainly which have a working battery and haven't been blogged yet, but sometimes it is based on what I've chosen to wear.

Today's choice was just that I'd happened to pick up a brown top this morning and it caught my eye as the first brown watch I saw.

The watch is by Timex and will have been made by one of the companies within the Dutch Timex Group (normally the Timex Group USA). The roots of the company started in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, and eventually morphed into Timex in 1950 (the x being used to mean eXpertise).

This model is a mystery 3 hand dial design watch with a date window at the 3 o'clock position. The look would fit nicely in their Expedition range, but there is no mention of a range or a model number on the watch. The face is quite plain and easy to read, but the main hour markers are the afternoon numbers (from 13 to 24) with the 1 to 12 in small digits on an inner circle. It has a gold coloured rotating bezel with the compass points on, and this is free rotating smoothly which is a little unusual as most I've found to have a rather mechanism and can only turn one way. The strap is brown leather and has a woven or platted style design with the sections looking like they fasten through a loop in the next section.

The back has the usual information about materials (stainless steel back), water resistance (25m), and place of assembly (Philippines), and also says it uses a Timex LA cell battery.

For the date, this is definitely a guess due to the lack of identifying information on the watch. From the style, my guess would be early 90s, as that would fit with similar looks from the other major manufacturers, but it could be a lot newer.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Omron PQ10 Pendant LCD

As I wasn't going out and about today, I decided I'd cover one of the more unusual styles of timepiece that was released.

This is a pendant watch, and is designed to hang around your neck on a chain. It wasn't the most practical design as an analogue watch, but when they made LCD versions, you also had to make sure you turned it the right way to read the time.

This LCD pendant is by a Japanese company called Omron. There isn't much online about the brand with regards to their watches, but there is an Omron company who produces electronic devices (such as blood pressure monitors) who I'd guess is the right one.

The model is called the PQ10 and is a rectangular LCD pendant which measures about 1cm by 2.5cm. On the face is a small 3 1/2 digit LCD display which only shows the time. The buttons for setting the time are inside holes in the back and need a pin to be able to operate. Inside is a large module which uses an AG3 battery.

The style is quite simple with a silver case with grooves along the length, and a red surround to the LCD.

Both the style and the type of timepiece makes this seem to be an 80s model, but that is just my opinion (as I can't find anything on the watch or online to confirm it).

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Boy London BOY-31-W - 5 Star Boy

Today, I'm blogging another of the mystery BOY-31-W watches by the Boy London brand.

Boy London is a fashion brand which was started in the 70s by Stephanie Raynor and is based in Kings Road in London. Many different designs of watches have been released with the name Boy London, but I don't know if they are all truly by the brand.

The BOY-31-W watches are 3 hand dial designs which seem to come in a variety of designs and case styles, and often have slightly different backs too. Previously, I'd said they had a similar case style, but I've now got some that goes against that thought.

The case on this model is similar to the one I posted in August, but the raised Boy London name around the bezel is in the bottom right (not the bottom left). The strap is in a common Boy London style, with the first part (next to the body) being coloured and with the brand name and totem pole style (or Egyptian) eagle pressed into the leather, and the rest being black leather with a Boy buckle.

There are many different face designs on the watches, and this one is a dark blue and light green design. The face has the word boy in fancy lettering along with 5 stars, the Eagle, and a Union Jack. Because of the writing, only some of the hour markers have numbers.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nixon The Widgi

Today's watch has me back with the American brand Nixon for the 11th time.

This model is called the Widgi and is one of the Nixon LCD watches. The design has a motto (just like the normal Nixon) of "In style and on time". Unusually, this only appears on the box rather than the watch, but that is more due to how the watch is constructed. The Widgi has a round polycarbonate case to house the LCD, and this sits inside a silicone shell. The silicone shell is a one piece unit incorporating protection for the case as well as the straps. The silicone also covers the back of the watch, which is why there is no writing on the watch itself.

For the time, the Widgi has a round LCD display with dot matrix digits. The dots also fit in with the round theme as they are also round rather than the normal square pixel shape. The display has two lines with the time across the centre (in 3 1/2 digits) with the seconds and mode markers below. The watches buttons are hidden by the shell, but there are 4 buttons which cover for the modes (alarm, timer, and chronograph) as well as the el-backlight.

I'm sat on a bus writing this, and have concluded the watch has a low battery as pressing the light has caused my watch to malfunction. As I don't have any repair tools, I hope this can be fixed before I take photos for this post later today.

The Widgi has a model number of AO34 and came in a range of different colours, with this being the all orange model. It isn't a current model, and by the dates of some reviews, it came out in 2010 or a little before for an rrp of $80.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cross Luna Ellipse WFZ22

Time for watch 1001 and my third Cross watch for the blog.

This model seems to be called the Luna Ellipse, but I've only been able to get that from a couple of auction posts rather than it being on the watch itself, so I can't be 100% certain.

It is made by Cross as part of their watch range. Cross are better known for their writing implements which is what they produced first when the company was started in 1846. I first came across the brand because of their pens as I received one as a high school graduation present. They started with watches in 1997 with a limited release, before expanding the next years.

This watch has the model number WFZ22 and is an analogue dial watch. It has a 2+1 hand arrangement with hours and minutes on the main dial and seconds on a separate dial at the 6 o'clock position. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement which runs on either an AG1 or AG4 battery (but I can't quite remember which it was).

The case is stainless steel and has an elliptical shape in the vertical position (and has a water resistance rating of 100ft). To me, the shape and the grooves in the metal case makes it look like an eye when you turn the watch on its side, with the seconds dial being the pupil. The strap is custom fitted for the case in a rubbery material, but has two green translucent stripes down each part.

I don't have information on the watch's date, but I think it is likely early 2000s (maybe late 90s).

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Black Dice Switched BD-034 Limited Edition

Today marks the 1000th watch (or more correctly, timepiece) on my blog!!! The watch I chose is something flashy and noticeable, and according to the back, one of the more limited edition watches in my collection.

The watch in question is the Switched by Black Dice Industries, and has the model number BD-034.

Black Dice Industries is a London based brand which started in 2005. Their starting aim was to revolutionise the concept of luxury fashion timepieces, and their designs incorporate elements of fashion, music, and urban lifestyle. The brand prides itself on quality using high spec materials and custom electronics where necessary.

The Switched model was released in the late 00s (around 2008), and so is one of the earlier models in the Black Dice Industries range. The back states that this is a limited edition release with a total of 100 pieces only (although this came in 4 colours so the total for the overall design is more like 400).

It is an ana-digi model with a large 3 hand analogue dial in the centre, and a subtle inverse LCD display making up the face of the dial. The LCD part is a 2 line dot matrix with one line above the centre and one below, and it is here that the other functions reside. The top line shows day and date, and gives text information while cycling through the modes. The bottom line is normally the time display with up to 6 equally sized digits. The modes included in the watch are chronograph (with lap memory), alarm, and timer, and there is an el-backlight. At a button press, you can also switch to show a dual time option.

The watch has a large and heavy duty gold (anodized?) stainless steel case which is square/octagonal in shape. The gold steel bracelet strap is custom made for the case and is also large and weighty, giving the watch a robust and well made feel.

The back gives the model number and limited edition number as well as the brand name and logo. It also reveals that this is an all stainless steel watch with a Japanese movement and is 50m water resistant.

The specific model number of this colour variant is BD-034-3 and is seems to have cost around £165 when it was originally released.

So that is it for my 1000th timepiece post. It's been an interesting journey so far, and I'm sure I've got many more interesting watches to find!