Thursday, 18 December 2014

Benetton by Bulova - Surfers

Time for number 5 in this Benetton by Bulova sub-collection.

This watch is part of the range of watches that Bulova made for the Benetton fashion brand. I think I've been drawn to this range because of the many different colourful designs they seem to have made. The range seems to have started in the late 80s or early 90s, and (mostly) follow the same case design but with different patterns on the face and strap. There is more detail on the brands themselves in the previous posts which can be accessed through the tags (down the right side on the non-mobile version of the site).

This particular design I've called "surfers" based on the text on the strap. The word surfers has been written across the two parts of the strap in a square pixel type of font with sur on one side and fers on the other. The dial is in red and yellow with blue numbers, and has a large B in the middle. As the B is in the same orientation as the strap letters, if you follow the letters all the way it actually says surbfers.

As with the other models, it is a 3 hand dial design powered by a Swiss Ronda quartz movement, and I think it is a 90s model.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Milkfed x Freestyle Shark Classic

Today it's the turn of a special collaboration watch between a surf wear company and a fashion brand.

The watch is one of the Freestyle Shark watches by Freestyle USA. The Freestyle USA brand has been around since the 80s and produces rugged waterproof watches aimed at surfers. Their most known range are the Shark watches which are LCD models with a range of different designs.

This particular model is a collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand Milkfed. Milkfed are known for making simple and cute clothing which is designed by girls for girls. They were started in 1994 by the Hollywood movie producer Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola) after she had participated in a fashion show for the brand X-Girl. The brand is Japan only with no (official) stores outside of Japan.

This is a Freestyle Shark Classic model with a rubbery plastic case and strap (which has Shark logo and text moulded on the inside). The display has the time in large digits with seconds in small digits above. The design has dual time settings along with date display, along with dual alarms, stopwatch, and timer modes. The case is 100m water resistant.

The watch has special Milkfed branding, and comes in the same red as represents the Milkfed line. The Milkfed name is shown above the LCD and printed on the strap, and the el-backlight shows the brands heart symbol. The back has the text Milkfed <3 Freestyle Classic (or Milkfed Loves Freestyle Classic), along with a lot of etched hearts. There is also a model number on the back of FS84865-A126-10, and the earliest reference over found for the watch was 2010.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

agnès b V700 watch

I decided on a simple but elegant looking watch today from a range I've featured before.

Today's watch is by the French agnès b brand (the all-small letters layout is used in the logo). The agnès b label began in France in 1973 and they opened their first shop two years later in Paris, with there now being over 100 stores worldwide.

The agnès b label watches are from a collaboration with Seiko which has been going since 1989 and continues to this day. Many different designs have been produced, and follow the timeless design ethic of the agnès b label.

This model I based around the Seiko V700 quartz movement, and is of a 2 hand dial design. The special design feature of this model is that the hands are shaped such that the hour hand reads agnès, and there is a b at the end of the minutes hand (such that at 9:15 reading across the dial shows the complete name).

The case is a thin silver design (in base metal) with a tonneau shape, and there is a silver metal strap (with part number E017A8-E). The full model number is V700-5100, and is was made in 1994 or 2004.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Official Helen Hurtig Hole-In-One Golf Watch

Today's watch is a special commemorative watch from Hawaii.

The watch is the Official Helen Hurtig Hole-In-One Golf Watch. I assume this is either to commemorate someone called Helen Hurtig scoring a hole-in-one in a golf game, or it was a range of golf watches called Hole-In-One by Helen Hurtig. I've tried to find out about who this person is, but the only reference seems to be to the watches.

The watch reference in Honolulu in Hawaii and there is a reference to Golf III which may have been a course or event. There is a copyright date of 1993, and the watch has a model number of HH2159. It seems that there were many different designs of this watch produced, and they all seem to be from the early 90s.

The watch is a 3 hand dial design, or more correctly 2 hands and a disc. The minutes hand is shaped like a golf club, with the seconds marker being a golf ball. At the 8 o'clock position there is a picture of a golf hole and flag, and there is a black marker on the glass above so the ball disappears into the hole every minute. The bezel has the dimpled texture of a golf ball, and the design is completed by a black leather strap (with the watch title text on the back of one half).

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rilakkuma bedtime watch

Japanese watches seem to be full of cute characters, and today's watch is one of those.

This watch is for the character Rilakkuma who is a brown teddy bear and was voted the 5th most popular character in Japan (as of 2010). The name Rilakkuma means relaxed bear and he is quite a lazy character. His story started in 2003 and is that one day he suddenly appeared in the apartment of an office lady called Kaoru after deciding to live there. The character comes from the company San-X who are a stationary manufacturer who are well known for their cute characters.

This watch looks to be one of the capsule machine (gachapon) toys and so is likely one of a range of watches in a series. The face of the watch features Rilakkuma, his friend Korilakkuma (a mysterious white bear cub - ko means little child in Japanese), as well as another character under a blanket. The strap says Rilakkuma on thee long end, and the other part has a small duck on wheels. There is Japanese text which unfortunately I don't understand, and the small print shows this is copyright 2012 to San-X Co., Ltd.

The watch part is the usual basic 4 digit LCD module, and has only time, date, and seconds display options. There is a second inset button, below the display button, which is for time setting.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Spaceman watch by André Le Marquand

I mention in some earlier posts that the Spaceman watch came in many variations, and today is another of those.

The Spaceman watch was designed to commemorate the 1969 moon landing, and was released at the Basel fair in 1972. The designer was André Le Marquand who was commissioned by the owner and director of Catena Bulle Switzerland to come up with the design. Many were sold through different companies and in different configurations with around 150,000 being sold.

This model is one under the Spaceman brand rather than one of the other producers. It has an automatic manual movement, and this time it is without the date marker. The dial shows the Spaceman logo and has small text saying Swiss Made T<25. The back has the moulded picture of a Spaceman and explains it is a fibreglass construction. The strap has an unusual shape and has the Spaceman name on the leather at the back.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Aire B.U.G Jelly

Today I've chosen to blog the 2nd 'watch' I have by Aire.

As with the other Aire watch, this is really designed as a dive computer more than a normal wristwatch (although it is much smaller than the Underwater Square I blogged before). Aire seems to be a company or brand linked with diving. The Web links seem to show that Aire is linked to a company called Scubapro (or Scubapro Uwatec Japan to give them their full name) who are a registered diving computer supplier. This model also seems to share an instruction manual with the Scubapro Scuba Cross.

This model is called the B.U.G Jelly and is a round LCD dive computer in a large heavy duty plastic case. The time is normally shown in the centre with day and date above and seconds below. At the top and bottom of the display are LCD bars which cover residual nitrogen (top)  and Om (bottom). In the watch you can set the depth of the dive, time alarms, and a log/plan.

As with the Underwater Square, the instruction manual (found at is in Japanese so I can't tell how to set the time, or when the watch was from (although I'd still guess 2000s or possibly 90s).