Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Medistore Concentric Wheel Watch

For a while now, I've been blogging a brand of watches called Eccentric Classic. These watches were made (or commissioned) by a company called Medistore, and from the few web hits I got, it appeared that this company was linked with body piercing.

The watch I'm wearing today is also by Medistore, but this time, instead of a brand name, the Medistore website is quoted directly www.e-medistore.com (which is a little unusual). This website is the same one as I had found when searching for the Eccentric Classic watches, so I guess they are by the same company. Looking more at the web link, it seems that the company specialises in piercing accessories, but there are other items too. Following the links reveals that they also sell fashion items, including watches and clothes, and they have, or are linked with, various shops around Japan. I still haven't found this watch, or the Eccentric Classic models, but there are other similar looking brands on sale there.

This particular model is a quartz analogue design based on rotating discs. It has a square case with silver face, and 3 concentric windows where the time is shown. Most rotating disc watches just show a portion of the discs, but this design shows the whole of all 3 discs, with a red line at the 12 o'clock position to mark where the time is read (hours on the outside and seconds in the middle). The back of the watch tells me the watch is water resistant with a stainless steel back and Japanese (quartz) movement. The brand name is also there, but as 'medi store' in two words.

There are no distinguishing features on the watch to tell the date, but it looks like a modern low cost design, so I'd guess late 2000s, or early 2010s.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Axcent Broadband x1774

Today's watch is another from the Scandinavian watch company Axcent, and was one of their bestsellers.

This model is called Broadband, and is a quartz analogue watch. The Broadband name has nothing to do with the Internet, but is a very literal name - the watch does indeed have a broad band. The watch has a square case design on a normal width leather strap, but around the back of the case and behind the strap is a second piece of leather which is much wider (and fastened to the normal strap through loops). The watch seems to have come in many different colour and strap variations, with this model being in black with a textured and patterned leather strap. The case is also a different style, having the entire face of the 3 hand dial covered in small jewels/crystals.

The Axcent brand was started in the late 90s with the aim of bringing Nordic design to their watches, using award winning Swedish designers. This model was designed by a young Swedish designer called Petra Nygren, and according to a post on her blog, the design came out in 2008 or earlier. Most of the references state this design was one of the bestselling models, and it is quoted as being a bestseller in over 50 countries.

The back is hidden behind the strap, but when revealed just shows the usual material (stainless steel) and brand logo, as well as the designers signature. The model number for the Broadband is x1774.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Seiko Super Runners 5750 Watch

Today is the hottest day of the year, and with the length of time the sun is up for, I thought I'd try one of my solar watches where the charge is a little weak.

This watch is by Seiko, and is part of their Super Runners line of watches. The Super Runners line is, as the name would suggest, a line of sports watches designed to appeal to runners. The watch features are built around this, with a stopwatch with lap recall (up to 145?), and timer modes, as well as a front mounted lap/split button for easy access.

This model is based around the Seiko 5750 module and is a radiowave control solar watch. It has a detailed display over 3 lines, with the top two capable of showing 7 digits, and the bottom line is a dot matrix array. As well as the runners functions, it also has alarm (x2) and world time features. The case is also 10 bar water resistant for all weather use.

The full model number is 5750-0AA1, and it looks like it was made in 2000 (possibly 2010, but I think that is unlikely based on the status of the battery). The watch is on Amazon though (so it could be newer), where it is quoted with a catalogue number of SBDG001 and a price of $158.

As this is an old solar model, it suffers from power issues. It is a common misconception that solar watches will run forever with the help of the sun, but this isn't actually the case. The solar power is stored in a rechargeable battery, or more commonly a capacitor, to cover for when there is no sunlight. These cells suffer from the same problems as old phone batteries in that the more charge and discharge cycles the watch goes through, the less it can be charged next time. This is not noticeable in day-to-day use,  but over the years, this builds up end in the end, the watch won't hold any charge. The capacitors are normally replaceable, but are specialist items and so are hard to find.

The sun went in and the display died before I took the photos. I'll update the post when it starts to show something again. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Seiko Wired XYZ W543 Rotating Head Watch

Today I decided to wear a watch from the mysterious line of watches called Wired XYZ by Seiko.

The Wired XYZ range of watches was first released in 2004 (May 21st in Japan) as a line of futuristic designs within the Wired range (that started in 2000). The range initially started with 4 designs (2 digital and 2 chronograph), and were designed under the leadership of Hoshina Ichiro. The XYZ range was promoted by the Korean singer BoA, who had their own branded Wired watch that I blogged in June 2013 (and you can find out more about BoA and the watch here). The XYZ line doesn't seem to be around anymore and the original website has been deleted.

This model has the model number W543-0AG0, but is hard to research as there are no web hits for this number. It is a limited edition of only 100 pieces, and so there aren't too many others out there, so I'm not surprised about the lack of coverage online.

The head of the watch is shaped like a gold bar with a the LCD on the top face. The LCD is powered by the W543 module with 6 equally sized digits (in groups of 2) in a slightly curvy style, and there is a tiny Wired XYZ logo in the corner. Across the top are 3 buttons which switch the display between time and date (with the date having text for what each number means above the digits), or for changing the numbers in time setting mode. The watch case is mounted on a silver cog-like base which allows the watch head to be rotated a complete 360 degrees, so you can use it from any angle. The strap also mounts onto the base and has a part number F2G0-Z-Q.

The back reveals its text as you rotate the head showing the model number, that it is water resistant and made from stainless steel, and it was made in China. There is also text in Japanese on the back of the silver base, but I don't have a translation (so if any reader can translate this, I'd be extremely grateful). There is also a serial number on the back which suggests a 2005 manufacture, and this aligns with the W543 modules date starting at 2004.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

B for Boy Double Strap Watch

I'm back with my Boy London collection today with a relatively simple design watch.

This watch is from the B for Boy collection by Boy London. The B for Boy watches seem to have the same design style as the main Boy London brand, but tend to be smaller watches, so the name would suggest they are aimed at younger people.

The Boy London brand appeared in 1976 and became very popular in the London club/fashion scene. The true Boy London brand took a break over the 90s, but watches continued to be made under that name from at least the mid-90s, and so my working assumption is that they came from a manufacturer who had bought the rights.

This particular model has the same design case as the B for Boy Wheel watch I blogged in May. It is a small round design with the B for Boy name being used for the hour markers from 12 to 4, and a combination of numbers (6 and 9), stars, the moon, the sun, and a crown for the rest. The face design is plain with just the Boy London name in white on a black background. The back states the watch is B for Boy by Boy London, and has the stickman logo, and this watch has a Boy London hologram sticker too. The watch itself is a 3 hand dial design, and the front of the watch says it has a Japanese movement (which is likely Miyota).

The strap has a Boy London button with Union Jack logo in the middle and a Boy buckle. The unusual thing with the strap I that there is an extra section with a second Boy buckle, giving the watch a double strap.

I haven't found any new information on dates for the B for Boy watches, so I don't have any reason to think my guess last time as early 2000s would be wrong.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Fossil Big Tic Chinese Lunar Dragon JR 7997

Today's watch is one of the more recognisable watch lines, and one which has been copied by many different manufacturers.

As the watch has an analogue dial with a full face LCD for the seconds, many watch fans would be right in spotting this is a Fossil Big Tic.

The Big Tic design has come in many different variations over the years, and this model is one of the Japanese inspired designs. The first detail is the use of the Japanese writing language Kanji for the numbers on the hour markers around the edge of the dial (except for number 6 where the Fossil name sits). The seconds display also uses Kanji characters on an inverse style LCD. The dial is a 2 hand design with a quartz movement. The two hands are both lightly curved triangles, and are glow in the dark for nighttime use.

The case is a curved brushed stainless steel design, which curves into the matching steel strap. The glass is round, and has a Chinese Dragon etched into the back covering the whole width of the face.

The back is dominated by a large Big Tic logo with the other details around the outside. Just below the logo is the serial number and the model number, which is JR 7997. The other information reveals this is stainless steel with a 50m /165ft water resistance.

The back also shows the watch is covered by two US patents 6,084,828 and 6,147,933. Both patents cover a "Timepiece and chronometer with overlapping, separately driven analog and digital displays" and were filed in 1999 (after a 1998 Chinese patent).

This model isn't for sale anymore, but originally had a price of around $65.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Module GV9121

Today's watch has a design which seems really popular as this is the 3rd different brand with an almost identical design.

This watch is by the Module brand which has featured a few times before on this blog. The brand is made by a company called Poll Position Ltd Co, who seem to be a watch distributor (and manufacturer?) in Japan.

The watch is a rotating disc model with a left side display, and the brand logo on the right. The face only seems to be a thin horizontal rectangle as the strap is connected on the front of the case, hiding most of the case behind it.

I've blogged this exact design from two other brands which I collect. The Deadman GV 5766 seems to be the earliest of them with this design (as I've confirmed the brand existing in the late 90s), and also have a model by Deep called the 5766 NW. This model by Module doesn't share the same 5766 number as the others, and is a GV 9121. I've had the suspicion that these brands are linked in some way, for example being from the same overall owner, or branding watches from a 3rd party supplier. This watch keeps up that suspicion, but the face that it has a Deadman style model number (GV xxxx), but a different number is a little confusing.

I know that Module and Poll Position Ltd Co are still around, so I think this is a new model, and I'd guess early 10s.