Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Puma LED Watch

Today's watch is from another sports brand who have a line of timepieces.

This time it is the Puma brand who is featured with the Puma LED Watch. Puma is one of the world's leading sports brands and has been around for over 65 years. They have products aimed for performance and sports related lifestyles, and this includes a line of watches. The watch range is designed by Puma Time and are meant to incorporate the image of 'relaxed cool'.

This model seems to be called the LED Watch and is a true LED design rather than the LED illuminated LCD which are more common in recent designs. Looking online, I've found many variations on many different sites, but none left the Puma brand site. This watch also looks very similar to watches like the "Nike LED watch" and the "Adidas LED watch", so I think it is not a genuine Puma design.

It has a 4 digit display with an LED illuminating each segment. It is just a basic module which has a time, date, and seconds display which is activated by the top right button.

I don't know the date it was released, but the design seems to still be for sale now.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pierre Balmain Dual Dial watch

One of the nice things about collecting is all of the information I find out while researching each watch. I've come across many different brands and designers over the years, and this is another one I've not blogged before.

The watch is by Pierre Balmain, and is an elegant and very thin dual dial watch. Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain was a French fashion designer known for elegance and sophistication, who said that dressmaking is the architecture of movement. He started his Balmain fashion house in 1945 and worked closely with Dior, and has had award nominations for his costume designs for film and stage. Since Balmain's death, the brand has been handled by several different designers, each bringing a change to the style, with the current look combining Asian style with French couture.

This watch is from the fashion brand, but I'm not sure which era. From what I've read, it is probably from before 2005 when the brand was lead by Oscar de la Renta, as after that time the brand went for more of a flash rock and roll style.

It is a very thin watch with two separate quartz movement powering the two 2 hand dials. The two dials have a classical style and are set on an engraved metal face with a leaf pattern. Surrounding the dial is a green enamel ring which has the brand name and Paris on it. It comes with a matching green leather strap with a T bar connection, with the strap stating the brand name and that it is Swiss made. The back has a number 963.1102 which could be model number, but I've not found any reference to it online. The only other information on the back is that it has a stainless steel back and Sapphire crystal, and it is 3 atu (atm) water resistant.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Metropolitan Museum of Art red watch

Today's watch is a commemorative item for one of the largest art galleries in the world.

The watch was made for the Metropolitan  Museum of Art in New York City. The museum holds over 2 million pieces of art spanning many periods from ancient Egypt to the modern era.

The watch comes from 1994 which doesn't appear to be a particular milestone (as the museum was founded in 1870 and opened in 1872). I guess that this means the watch was a souvenir item for visitors.

The face is in dark red and has a logo of the letter M surrounded by all of the drawing marks which determine the features of the letter. The back also has this logo and the copyright, as well as stating it uses a Japanese quartz movement. The overall design is similar to the Swatch watches, especially the shape of the case and the strap style.

It is a 3 hand dial design with black hands which for in with the 2 colour design.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Casio MD-730 - maybe a Marlin?

Today's watch is another Casio, and an intriguing one.

The watch is a Casio MD-730, and is one of the simple Casio Divers watches. The MD series all seem to be divers watches, but there isn't much online about them, although what is there suggests a 90s release. This model, the MD-730, has very few hits online, so I don't know too much about it.

It is a typical 3 hand dial design with day and date at the 3 o'clock position, and a rotating bezel. It is 20 bar water resistant, and has a screw down crown unusually at the 4 o'clock position. Inside is a 709 module which was used in many watches, and is part of a common Casio Analogue multi-module manual.

The intriguing part is what is engraved on the back. The back plate features an engraved picture of a sailfish which is the same as printed on the Marlin watches. This fish is in a slightly different pose than the Marlin logo, so I don't think this is a Marlin model, but it's interesting that is uses the same fish for its logo!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Casio G-Shock Raysman DW-9350 'naked'

Today's watch is one that has been damaged as I've seen with many others from this range.

The watch is a Casio G-Shock, and I've called this one 'naked' as it's missing the rubber/resin trim which comes around the front of the case. It seems that on some of the 90s models, this trim is prone to cracking and is often complete missing. These covers are extremely hard to come by, so I thought I'd still use the watch as the rest works perfectly.

The watch is part of the Raysman range which were the first of the tough solar G-Shocks. This is a Raysman DW-9350 and came out in May 1998. It is part of something called the Yacht series, which was linked to a Mediterranean Sea race around Malta, and represents the intellect and stamina required to race a yacht. Three watches were released in the yacht series, and this is the model DW-9350J-9T. This was the yellow model, and the back for this version shows an engraving of a bat hanging over the waves.

The watch uses a 1584 module, and has many features. It has a 30 slot data bank, alarm (x5), el-backlight, stopwatch, and timer. It mentions that is has a yacht timer - I don't know how this compares with a normal stopwatch, but you can get to that mode directly from the top right button. The original article suggests it can withstand water spray (20 bar), a small fire on board, or a small crash.

The display has 3 lines with a dot matrix along the top, and two lines of digits. This can show plenty of data with 6 digits for time, 6 digits for date, and day, and there is a circle for battery power in the top right.

The original sale price was ¥29,000.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Nike Cross Training Covert Sports Chronograph

Today's watch is a sporty one and is one of my collection of Nike watches (and is slightly late for my one post every day plan).

This model is part of the Nike Cross Training range of watches and is either the XTR Covert or Covert II model. Looking at the designs, I think it may be the I model, just because of the engraved text below the display, but that is just based on some pictures I've found online (and there seems to be very little other difference).

The Covert and Covert II watches were designed by a San Francisco based company called Astro Studios who have been a design partner of Nike for over 15 years. They designed these models along with the similar Reveal design, and were responsible for the unique 'zigzag' case and strap style of the Nike Triax watches.

The Covert is an ana-digi model with a distinctive hood covering a little of the top of the analogue dial. The dial is a crown set 3 hand dial design which takes up a little over half of the face. The digi part is a shaped LCD display with 2 sections. The main time is shown on the bottom 6 digit section, but the numbers aren't in one line - they are in 3 pairs which follow the bottom curve of the case. Above that is an eye shaped dot matrix array showing the day, or a scrolling message with the type of mode being displayed. The watch has the usual complement of display modes - date, chronograph, timer, and alarm, and can be used for dual time as the dial and LCD are not linked.

The model number depends on whether this is a Covert or Covert II. The Covert has a model number of WX0016, and the Covert II is WC0004.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sonne Tonneau XX Chronograph

Today's watch looks quite impressive, but is by another mysterious brand name.

The watch is by Sonne and is called the Tonneau XX. The Tonneau name relates to the shape of the case with a Tonneau case being rectangular with bulging sides (sort-of barrel shaped). I've seen a few different Sonne Tonneau watches online, and as they have different last letters,  guess that the XX is the model number.

The design looks like a 3 hand dial watch, but actually, it is a 2 hand dial with the seconds hand being the chronograph seconds display. The chronograph minutes are on a small dial at the 9 o'clock position, and there is a 24 hr dial at the 3 o'clock position. The watch also has a date display window around 4:30.

So far, like with so many of the mystery brands, I've not been able to find a website for the brand, with it's online presence being mainly shopping sites. The Sonne brand does seem to make high quality models, including limited edition collaboration pieces and both quartz and mechanical movements. Their models have a range of prices with some of the automatic watches retailing for over ¥20,000.

I've found what looks like this model reported with a model number of S052GNB with a sale price around ¥9500.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lovers House Panda Angel by Super Lovers

I find the watches by Super Lovers quite interesting. They seem to have made so many different watches over they years in all manner of designs, and you don't often see more than one of each type. They also have different modules from many different manufacturers, suggesting that they are not a collaboration line, but may be custom ordered.

This model is from the Lovers House range that was distributed by Super Lovers. The Lovers House watches tend to be the cuter models and feature the Panda mascots Ken and Merry. This watch also features a Panda, but in the guise of an angel surrounded by small yellow birds. Next to the picture is a signature with the name Molly, who i assume is the artist who did the sketch (but it could be the name of the Panda). Around the glass there is also text with the Lovers House name repeated, and the red leather strap has LH and Lovers House moulded into it.

The watch part is a standard 3 hand dial, but the case is quite thick. This is because of the extra feature revealed by the fake crown behind the real one. When this is pulled out, the front opens to reveal a mirror. On the mirror is has the text 'Lovers House. Distribute (sic) by Super Lovers'. On this model, there are no makers mark, and I haven't checked who made the module.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Storm Navigator

Today's watch is one that I've been wanting since I'd first started collecting watches, but I'd not been able to afford it then while I was a student, and then it wasn't for sale anymore.

The watch is by the London based brand Storm and is called the Navigator.

The Storm brand began at the end of the 80s and have been producing many different interesting designs of watches.

The Storm Navigator was released in the mid 90s, and was one of the most high tech watches they produced at the time. The watch is large and pretty thick and the face shows 4 circular windows. It seems that the design was reissued, starting in 2009, and is currently for sale on the Storm website.

The Navigator has quite a few functions, and includes both analogue and digital time display with a 2 hand dial and a small LCD display with two rows of two digits (placed at the diagonals). It also has windows for an analogue thermometer, and a small compass. On the bottom section of the watch is an orange torch which lights for a few seconds after pressing the button.

Inside, all of the parts are in separate modules. Opening the back first reveals the torch module, and that needs to be removed to get to the rest of the modules. The thermometer and compass are small independent removable modules, and the two watch modules are also in separate slots. The analogue module is a standard Japanese quartz module, and the LCD module is a tiny unit, less than 1cm x 1cm and around 5mm thick.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Boy London BOY-200-W

Today's watch is another from the Boy London brand (which I now seem to be collecting), and the second in a style I first published in February.

The watch is by Boy London, and this one has the model number BOY-200-W. Like the other watch i showed in the BOY- series, it is a quartz powered 3 hand dial watch with the Boy London name embossed in the case surrounding the face. This version has the Boy London name in cartoony graphics on the face along with 5 stars. The strap is also in a similar style with a stitched leather and stud design with the name and eagle logo pressed not the brown leather section, and topped off with a mounded BOY buckle.

On the back is the Boy logo, the model number, and a statement that "This is an original Boy London product. Any product not bearing this mark is not genuine". I don't know if a statement like that would really help, as a counterfeiter could just copy the sign too.

The Boy brand is an underground fashion brand which began in 1976 and was started by Stephanie Raynor. The brand has been worn by many celebrities over the years and has worked through the punk and clubbers styles. The brand had a break from the mid 80s through to 2007, and I think that this is one of the watches from after the pause.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Casio Protrek PRT-40 Bird Life International

I decided on today's watch as it is Easter Sunday, and that is a day I go hiking up a hill to watch the sun rise.

The watch I chose is one of my more extreme outdoor watches, and was also a milestone when it came out.

The watch in question is part of the Casio Protrek range and is called the PRT-40. It came out in Japan in 1996 and was the third of the Protrek Triple Sensor watches. On the European Casio site, the PRT-40 is shown as one of the watches in their milestone list with a 1998 release date, so I think it was just late coming out of Japan. As this was a Japanese release, and the module date starts in 1995, i think this was an early PTR-40 model.

The Protrek range started in 1994 as an outdoor watch range for hikers. They started with a triple sensor watch which evolved very little design wise to the PRT-40, but this model was the first with an automatic el-backlight.

This particular version is the PRT-40BLJ, and is a model that as released in partnership with BirdLife International. The BirdLife International organisation is a global collaboration between different conservation organisations. It was started in 1922 as the International Committee for Bird Protection, but changed its name in 1993. The organisation is in charge of the official Red List of birds requiring protection.

The PRT-40 is a typical triple sensor model with thermometer, compass, and barometer/altimeter. It has a large and robust design with a round LCD display in the centre. The LCD display is made up of three rows and a display round the edge of 60 markers for seconds or as a part of the compass. The other parts of the LCD are the time at the bottom, date or temperature /height in the middle, and a small dot matrix at the top (for day or mode).

Inside is a 1471 module which is powered by 2 batteries. Modes on the watch include altitude /temperature (with altitude graph on the dot matrix), data recall (for heights and temperatures), alarm (x5), and stopwatch. The compass is not accessed through the mode button, but the bearing button. Pressing this shows the current bearing, but it is not a live compass, so doesn't change automatically when you turn.

The strap is a fabric, leather, and cord design, fastened to the case through Protrek branded plastic connection, which also has the BirdLife International name printed on it. The first part of the strap is the black leather section, imprinted with the Protrek logo, which is sewn to the velcro fabric strap. It also connects to the secondary cord fastening with a Protrek branded hook, which makes sure that the watch can't accidently fall off.

The back contains the usual information, and has a BirdLife International logo dominating the back plate.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Citizen Quartz 7100 white dial

I'm back to the old quartz watches again today.

Today's model is one of the Citizen Quartz models with the CQ logo, showing that it is one of the early models (70s or early 80s).

It is a 3 hand dial model in a stainless steel case with a white dial without numbers. The dial also features small green dots at each hour marker at the edge of the dial with two dots at the 12 o'clock position. There is also a day and date window at the 3 o'clock position, and the day can show in English or Japanese. This model also has a screw fastening crown for extra security.

It uses the 7100 module which is a Citizen Quartz model. The circuit has a crystal operating at 32,768Hz which is taken down to 1Hz by the dividing circuit. This signal is amplified enough to drive the rotor of a stepping motor. This movement was the thickest of the 71XX modules, and one of the first. It should last around 2 years on its battery which had an official part number of 280-17.

The strap is a stainless steel Citizen Watch Co design with the CQ logo on the clasp.

The model number on the dial is 7100-710123-X, and the number on the back is 4-730135. Based on the design, I think it is a late 70s model.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Pokémon Dome Watch - Blastoise and Horsea

Today's watch is one variation of a pair of watches I have - I thought I'd blogged the other, but can't find it anymore, so this may be the first.

The watch is a Nintendo Pokemon watch, and is shaped like a Pokeball. It is an early watch from 1998 when the Pokemon franchise only started in 1996. At the bottom of the face it says the copyright is to Nintendo, and it has the text CR-GF-TX-SP-JK after that, along with the made in China information. 

It is a water filled watch with a large domed glass. The face behind the glass is painted like a Pokeball, and there are two Pokemon models in the water.

The featured Pokemon are Blastoise and Horsea which are both first generation water Pokemon. Blastoise is the 2nd evolution of the Squirtle starter Pokemon, while Horsea is unevolved (and would evolve into Seadra).

The watch itself is a basic 4 digit LCD model which is set just to the upper right of the centre of the case. It is a standard module with just time, date, and seconds. 

It seems to have been a popular watch at the time, and was even featured in one of the watch magazines along with the other most fancy design watches of that year. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

McDonald's Cake Star watch

Today's watch is one of the toys you get when you buy a kids meal.

The watch has been made for McDonald's, and would have been one of the items you could get as part of your happy meal. It was made in China and has the letters C-SN after the information, but I don't know who actually made it. It was made in 2012 so is a relatively recent promotion, but came from Japan and may not have been a worldwide release.

It is a basic LCD watch with a 3 1/2 digit display. As normal with these basic watches there are two small buttons which cycle between the time, date, and seconds modes and start the setting mode.

The case is a large plastic 5 pointed star shape with a red plastic base and clear lid. Under the lid is the cardboard sheet with the face design, which is in this case a strawberry gateaux and a blue and white checked tablecloth pattern. The strap is a red plastic design with white dots and the McDonald's M logo.