Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Elgin USA World Time Chronograph

Today's watch is a smart and high tech model, and a model number I've not found online (so may be pretty uncommon).

The watch is made by Elgin USA. The original Elgin watches came from the Elgin National Watch Company, which was based in Elgin in the US. This company finished in 1968, and the Elgin name was sold to MZ Berger, meaning more modern Elgin watches have no link to the original brand.

This model is the FK-671-C and is an Elgin World Time Chronograph model. It is a high tech model with lots of features, and has an ana-digi display. The main dial is an electronic 2 hand dial, and there are 3 smaller dials on the face (at the 6, 9, and 12 positions). There are also 3 LCD windows on the dial so a lot of information can be shown.

For the smaller dials, they have different uses than normal, with the top dial showing UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), the left dial showing 24-hr time, and the bottom dial indicating the mode. The modes around the dial are Time, Calendar, Alarms 1-3, Chronograph, Timer, and Set.

For the LCD displays, the main one is to the right and is a 3 line display. The top line shows the world time location (3 letters) or the mode details, while the other two lines cover time and seconds. I haven't got anything to show on the other two LCD displays, so I don't know what exactly they are for (although the left one has the text H.R. and down, and the right one says up and mode).

The bottom left and top right buttons cycle forward and backwards through the time zones, with the bottom right button shifting mode. Overall, the watch is pretty complicated, so much so that I've tried all of the normal button combinations and still not been able to work out how to set it!

As for the date, not finding the model online is a problem, but suggests an older model. I'd guess that this is a late 90s or 2000s model, but can't narrow it down more than that.

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