Sunday, 6 April 2014

Super Lovers - Lovers Rock Skull & Crossbones

I'm using another of my Super Lovers collection again today.

The Super Lovers range are from the clothing brand Harajuku Super Lovers, which was started in Tokyo in 1988. The brand is known worldwide for it's cutting edge designs and is heavily inspired by the London punk and rock scene.

This watch is from their Lovers Rock line of watches which tend to be more rock and metal inspired than the Super Lovers or Lovers House lines.

This model is a leather cuff watch in an orange leather, and has metal studs along the band. The strap also has a fabric patch which has a flame pattern which says 'Lovers Rock Equipment Since 1988'. The cuff is fastened by two sets of two press studs so the level of adjustment is quite limited.

The watch part is a 3 hand dial design in a square case. The face has a skull & crossbones (with the text Lovers Rock) on the left half, and a large LR symbol on the right side. Around the face is a metal frame with text on the bottom which reads 'Super Lovers, London Tokyo since 1988'.

Inside is a Seiko Epson Y121 (or more correctly a Y121E) module, which means that over the years they have used Seiko, Miyota (Citizen), and Time Module Inc modules (so far... and I've got more still to blog).

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