Citizen Ana-Digi Temp Overview

The Citizen Ana-digi temp module has been around for a long while - the first watches were out in 1982 and were several hundred dollars at the time. It is recognized as the first temperature measuring electronic watch in the world (as it beat the casio watches by a few months). The type has been released in many of the major (modern) watch lines under the Citizen stable. 

The ranges that the Ana-Digi Temp have been found under are:
Some special editions were released for shops/brands/promotions. These include
  • Project 001
  • Something that looks like OVF Action
  • Vert Dense (brand) - 8987 module link (Q01571)

The watch has a lot of features, and 3 displays, which seem to be similar for the different Ana-Digi Temp modules. The displays are:
Top left A1 dial = time
Top right A2 dial = seconds, alarm,  dual time, or chronograph
Bottom right LCD = time, date + temp, alarm + temp, dual time, or stopwatch. There are markers along the top of this LCD that shows which mode the top right A2 dial is showing. 
There is also a bottom left LCD showing which function is active on the main LCD screen. All the dials are electronically operated with a stepping motor moving the hands when setting (as opposed to the normal turning crown). 
For the chronograph, it has a smaller time step than most, with it reading to 1/1000th of a second.

The 8984 module has a different LCD arrangement with the bottom left LCD moved to the middle (and showing both the LCD and A2 display mode), and the 2 LCD displays normally on the bottom rights being both along the bottom (time on the left, temp on the right)

The modules used in the watches vary, but all seem to be something in the order of 89xx.
The modules I've found are:
All modules use the same AG8/LR55/LR1120 battery.

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  1. Hi what do you know about the WR100 model with the black plastic protective cover which clipped over lugs at each corner? I'm trying to find one.