Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Citizen Crystal Seven Automatic ACSS 2822a

It's New Years Eve, and they say it is "Out with the old..." so I'm finishing the year with a vintage watch.

Today's watch is a Crystal Seven Automatic watch by Citizen. The Crystal Seven watches came out in December 1965 and were one of Citizen's most popular lines. They were slim designed models with Sapphire glass and were variations on the 52xx movement. On the back it mentions Para (for the parashock movement), water (for the water resistance), and Star (which I don't know). The Crystal Seven logos are a 7 inside a crown on the front, and a 7 inside a shield with a crown on the back.

This model is the ACSS 2822a and is based on a 21 jewel automatic movement. Looking at the serial number, I think this model is from 1968. It has a 3 hand dial with a 14,400 bph seconds hand. At the 12 o'clock position is a day window (in a flattened hexagonal shape), and there is a date window at the 3 o'clock position. There is also the number 1580-IKA in very small writing on the face at the bottom edge of the dial.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Casio BS-61G thin LCD watch

Today's watch is another watch which is a mystery to the Internet.

The watch is by Casio, but the only Web search results seem to come from a couple of auction results, but there are no photos in the image search.

This is the model BS-61G which is probably a BS-61 with a gold coloured case. It is such a thin watch that is could probably be one of the film watch Pela models, but doesn't seem to be part of that range. It is also a narrow watch, being only 2cm wide, which is not much wider than the majority of the strap. The case is 3cm tall and has a vertical pinstripe pattern, and the overall size makes it appear to be a ladies model. The only text on the watch front (apart from the Casio name) says Auto Calendar, and as this is being advertised as a feature, I would guess it suggests an early production date. The strap is a gold coated stainless steel one with a part number of B-752N.

There are two windows with LCD displays in, with the windows being a rhombus shape (slanted towards the right). In the top window are the 4 digits for the time, and in a small window roughly halfway down the case are the seconds. Towards the bottom are two buttons. The long button makes the display show the date, with the small button for setting.

The watch uses a Casio 545 module, but I don't know what date this comes from (although I'd guess it's an 80s model).

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Casio GQ-200 Muscle Time Alarm Clock

Today, I'm taking a break from the watches and going for a clock, but one with a very strong watch link...

The watch is called the Muscle Time by Casio and is a watch in the style of the G-Shock watches. It was actually made with the original prototypes of the G-Shock as the inspiration as those had a round design.

The clock has the same rugged design as the G-Shocks, and even has the word Protection moulded into the plastic. It is quite rubbery and tough, and it feels like you could play football (soccer) with it without problem.

At the front of the 'ball' is the LCD display which has two sets of numbers. The main part is the time (6 digits) with the alarm time shown below (surrounded by a black border). The alarm (which is incredibly loud) is activated by a switch on the side, and there are buttons under where is stands for setting the time and alarm. For night viewing, there is a large button on top (hidden inside the rubber) for activated the very bright el-backlight. For power, it uses 2x AA batteries accessed through a rubber covered screw fixed panel on the back.

There were 3 versions of the Muscle Time Alarm Clock released, and this, the GC-200, is probably the most common, however they were only released for a short time, and consequently are all rare now. This model is the GQ-200J-1 (which I've also seen referred to as QC-200) and the original sale price was ¥7,200. The module seems the same as the GQ-100 and the manual for both can be seen on the Casio Japan FTP site.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Baby-G Reef Series BGR-270 Tough Solar

Today, I'm back on the mini Casio G-Shock range, better known as the Baby-G.
This model is part of the Reef Series of Baby-Gs which covered a lot of different designs over quite a few years. This particular one is a BGR-270 which came out in June 2004, and is the colour combination called BGR-270-4C.

You can tell by looking at the watch that it is a Baby-G with the tough appearance and seep set LCD display. It is a tough solar model, and is designed to last for up to 12 months on its CTL1616 without exposure to light (or 26 months in power save mode). To gauge the amount of power left there is an indicator in the top right corner showing a L/M/H battery level. As a Baby-G, the watch has 10 bar water resistance, and is also low temperature resistant to - 10C.

This model uses a feature packed 2616 module. This means it has a stopwatch, timer, alarm (x5), data bank (30 slot for name and telephone), and world time (29 time zones), as well as an electro-luminescent backlight.

All of this is displayed on a 3 line LCD display with the curved digits of the time being the most prominent along the middle. The top line covers the date, with day and seconds at the bottom. The day is shown in a small dot matrix array (17x5), and this display also shows a small animation of a surfer or a dolphin when it hits the 30 second mark.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Hashu Dual Time

I've been travelling again today and so a dual dial watch was my choice to cover the two time zones.

This watch is the Hashu Dual Time. The Hashu brand has been featured on my blog before with the Hashu Electronvolt. Unfortunately, they seem to be another of the brands with interesting watches (and some normal ones) but virtually no internet presence.

This model is the HD-119 and is a dual dial watch. It has two separate dials in a normal looking watch case, each powered by their own quartz module. At the bottom of the dial it says quartz, but also New Generation, although I don't know if that refers to the watch or the movement. At a glance, the watch looks like a normal dial watch, and even has minute markers around the edge of the dial, but it only has the two small 3 hand dials, one with numbers and one with just hour markers.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Casio Alarm Chrono A158W

After the flashy watches for Christmas, it's back to an old classic again today.

This watch is one of the retro LCD watches by Casio, and is called the A158W. It is actually a current design, reissued sometime in the 2000s, and aimed to have the charm of the classic 80s models. Looks wise, it's quite hard to tell the age, but the green LED light let's you know it's a newer model.

The A158 models are quite cheap, being in the order of $20, but still good looking and functional. It is a lithium model, and water resistant, with that title being prominently displayed on the face, but without any indication about the rating. There is a clear 2 line LCD display showing the time in 6 digits, with day and date above.

Inside, there is a 593 module, and the watch has alarm and stopwatch modes. It comes with a stainless steel Casio strap with the part number S-515DV.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Storm Illuma Aqua

It's Christmas, so I tried to find another watch with a Christmassy feel. This one has what remind me of Christmas lights, so it seemed fitting.

The watch is by Storm of London, who were the brand which started me on my collection over 17 years ago.

This watch is a special edition called the Illuma and was released in 2011. The watch has a mirrored face, so you can't see very much at a glance. The crown hints that this is a dial watch, but it's only when you press the button that all is revealed. Pressing the button starts a light show from 6 multicoloured LEDs that are placed around the dial. The flashing starts with the colours cycling together before it becomes a multicoloured show. While the lights are flashing, you can see the 3 hand dial (which is actually just about visible without the lights if you catch it from the right angle).

It has a Japanese quartz movement, and a zylonite (plastic) strap. The watch is also water resistant to 50m.

The watch was originally sold for £70 or $120, but only seems to be still available from the US site as it is no longer listed on the UK site. Many different colours were available. This is the Aqua version, but it could also be found in purple, pink, blue, red, black, and white.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Super Lovers Digital Rock Wide Case Watch

I've realised I don't have too many Christmas watches in my collection, so I thought I'd do one with a Christmassy colour instead.
The watch I chose was another in the Super Lovers range of watches made by the Harajuku Super Lovers clothing brand from Tokyo, Japan. The Harajuku Super Lovers brand started in 1988 and was a Japanese take on London club culture. They are well known in Japan for their no question designs, and the Harajuku clothing scene has since become known the world over.
Under the Super Lovers name, there seem to be a few sub-lines such as Lovers Rock and Lovers House. This watch comes from the Digital Rock line (which I'm assuming is a line because this is the second watch with this title that I've blogged). Although the watch is called Digital Rock, it doesn't have a digital display, instead having a 3 hand dial design. I've called this the Wide Case watch because the design has a much wider case than it is tall, but it still is only 3-4 cm wide. The dial is very small and offset to the right of centre, with the middle of the dial sitting in the middle of the Super Lovers logo of a heart in a diamond shape. The strap is a red patent leather strap with the digital rock logo on both pieces.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Citizen Eco-Drive E111

A little while ago, I blogged about a watch by Kansai Yamamoto which used a Citizen Eco-Drive module.

This watch is one of the Citizen Eco-Drive models with the same E111 module. The watch is a classic looking design with a 3 hand dial. The only numbers on the display are the 12 and 6, with markers for the hours, and small minute markers. It also has a date window at the 3 o'clock position. These Eco-Drive watches use the Citizen Solar Tech technology and has the solar panel hidden into the face.

The case is designed with the first part making the shape of the strap being part of the case with a matching gold and silver Citizen branded strap.

It has a full model number of E111-S027179. Looking at the serial number, it looks like this was from around 2008 and was sold for around ¥11,000. Searching with this model number only yields Japanese results, making me think this is Ear East model only. Reading some of these links, it looks like it is part of a Citizen Forma range, and may have a catalogue number of FRA59-2203.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tank Watch

About a month ago, I posted a Transformers Megatron Tank Watch, and today is an almost identical one, but without the branding.

The watch is simply called Tank Watch, and was made for/by or sold by a fashion accessories company called Bijoux Terner. The company started in 1974 in Miami Florida and has the aim to help fashionistas look great for less. In 1997 they moved to airport kiosks for a very low price and has been targeting the retail travel industry since.

This design was made in China, but has a registered design in the UK (No. 2011552). Apart from this, the watch is identical to the Megatron watch. It has a pop out 4 digit LCD module with time, date, and seconds, and there is light and sound with an LED in the gun barrel. When I said identical, it is truly that, and has been made from the same mould. Although it is a different colour, even the camouflage pattern is identical.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nooka Zub Zirc 20 - Vans Warped Tour 2011 Limited Edition

Today I'm going to a Hiphop Christmas party, and so am wearing a watch with some skate culture links.

This watch is by the American brand Nooka which was created by Matthew Waldman to bring his unique designs to market.

In 2011, the Nooka company was a sponsor of the 17th annual Vans Warped Tour. For the event, Nooka produced 200 watches, of which 96 were promotional giveaways, and the remaining 104 were sold. The design has a stylized map showing the tour route on the strap, and the tour logo on the face and back.

The watch uses the Nooka Zub Zirc design, with the Zub referring to the case design, and Zirc being the time telling method. The Zirc has a ring of dots for the hours, and a bar for the minutes along the bottom. In the bottom right above the minutes is a small seconds display too. The watch has time and date displays and an alarm. There is also a stopwatch mode, but only accurate to the nearest second.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Aquatech Ana-Digi watch with Compass and Thermometer

I've always had a liking for watches with temperature sensors, but this one is a little different than the normal.

This watch is by Aquatech, who are a slightly mysterious company who seem to have made all manner of different designs of LCD watches.

This model is an Ana-digi design with a 3 hand dial and 3 small round LCD, windows. The watch also has a compass and a thermometer but these are strange as they are mounted on the strap. The thermometer is a dial type with readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The compass has a floating magnet in its housing.

At the moment, the LCD display doesn't work. Looking at the buttons, it has at last a stopwatch mode, and there is a buzzer so I'd assume there is an alarm. There is also a light button.

It may just be a flat battery as the back states there is an SR626SW(AG4) and a CR2016, but I only found the AG4 and an AG3, but no sign of the CR2016 when I took the watch apart.

The only other information I have is that it is 50m water resistant and made in China.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nixon - The Block ss

Along with Diesel, the Nixon brand is another modern watch maker with a taste for the retro and unusual.

Today's watch is one of the Nixon LCD watches and is called The Block SS (the SS meaning Stainless Steel as this is the metal version of the design). As with all Nixon watches it has a tag line on the back, and this one says 'full stack'.

The Block has a bulky square appearance  which tapers towards the front, like a pyramid with the top cut off. In the middle is a square LCD panel with custom digits. The 4 digit time display takes up about half of the height and is a little bit above the centre. Seconds are in the second largest size digits at the bottom, and day and date are in the smallest digits along the top. It has chronograph, timer, and alarm modes, and there is also a dual time option. When cycling through the modes, the new mode is shown in text along the top line and when you stop it flashes before going into the mode itself. For nighttime viewing there is an el-backlight too.

The strap is also stainless steel, but interspersed with polycarbonate links (and was a bit of a pain to adjust, but I got there eventually). This is the white version, but it was also released with black links and an inverse LCD display.

The Block came out in 2007 for $120, and the model is not longer produced.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Diesel DZ-5009 wide leather cuff watch

I've been posting relatively normal watches recently, so today's watch is a little more unusual (but only design-wise).
The watch is by the clothing brand Diesel, and is one of their DZ series of watches. The Diesel brand is probably one of the most high profile brands to be putting out unusual and eyecatching designs.

This model is the DZ5009 and is unisex model, although only for people with thin wrists. It is an extremely wide leather strap watch, being around 6 cm across. The watch case is in a hole in the strap, with the case clamping around the leather. The watch part is a pretty standard 3 hand dial quartz design, but it is less than half the width of the strap giving it an unusual appearance.

From what I've seen, I think it came out a couple of years ago, and had an rrp of around $120.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Swatch SQB100 Netsurfer

Most of the Swatch watches I have are dial watches, with a few using other display means but still rotating. Today is my first digital Swatch watch.

The watch is called Netsurfer, and has the model number SQB100. It came out in the Fall/Winter collection from 1998, and is one of the Swatch digital family which was first released as part of that collection.

It is a large plastic watch with an oval display. Control is with 4 large buttons around the edge of the case and a button on the front for the el-backlight. Time is shown across the centre with 6 digits (including slightly smaller seconds) and below that is the day and date. The strap is green and black fabric, with a green back to match the watch design. The battery is quite an unusual size at a CR1632, and I think is the only watch i have with this particular battery type.

The different modes are all shown with a little icon above the main digits, and the time is marked by a spiky bubble (like the 'wham' or 'pow' from the old 60s batman TV series) with the word 'now'. For the other modes dual time is marked by a cartoon aeroplane, stopwatch by a rabbit, timer by a cartoon bomb, and alarm by a rooster.