Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Casio Accelator ACL-200

Today's watch is an unusual model by Casio with a name which defies definition.

The watch is called the Accelator by Casio and is a sports model. The name Accelator doesn't appear to have a real definition, but is found in anime (Power Accelator Boots in Shichisei Tōshin Guyferd), a brand name of a clarifier, and various other products, as well as the Casio watch.

It looks to be a watch designed for runners with lots of sports related features. It has a stopwatch with a 50 lap memory, a playback for past runs, what looks like a stimulation mode for planning a run (up to a marathon based on the text on the display), a timer mode, and of course an alarm.

It uses an LCD display with 2 lines of digits. The bottom line is larger and covers the time (with 6 digits). The top line has a 6 digit display (for date and timing) along with a small dot matrix array (12x5) which is used for the day and other required text.

The watch case has a slightly unusual design which looks more like a stopwatch shape. Timing functions are operated by the two buttons on the front, while the side buttons cover mode, light, and data search.

The model number is ACL-200, and it has a Casio 1531 module. It seems to be am uncommon model, and many that are for sale are listed as rare (in Japan or elsewhere).


  1. Hi.I know its too late to put a comment here but Im really wondering when this watch was sold in Japan.Ive tried to find any information about this watch but still I cant!
    Please let me know if you know that.
    Greeting from Tokyo and hope you will send me back:)Thank you.

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