Friday, 31 May 2013

Evangelion NERV LED watch

You may have guessed from some of my posts that I like quite a few Anime series, and have many watches that are promotional items from those series.

Today's watch is a promotional watch for the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (or Shin Seiki Evangerion). It is an LED watch in the style of the computer displays from the series, with a 4 digit large block LED display. At the top of the watch, it shows as being for the organization NERV. In the series, NERV is a group controlled by the United Nations that was formed to combat the threat from the Angels, and they were responsible for creating the Evangelion units (Evas). The other text on the front is in Japanese, so I'm not sure what it is about, so if any readers can translate, that'd be great!

The watch has 4 buttons, with one getting the time to show, and another setting it in adjust mode (which only works when the display is on). The other two only make the display show 88:88, and I haven't worked out the purpose of those yet.

The back doesn't show much apart from it being copyright of Sega and made in China. A little research says this came out in 2011 as a prize (probably from a UFO machine), and is one of at least 3 designs.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Diesel DV-7072 Gold and White

Out of all of the modern non-Japanese watch makers, the Diesel brand probably makes the most interesting looking in general.

Today's watch is highly noticeable in gold and white, and features a large dot matrix LCD display. The display is mirrored and shows the time in inverse (gaps for the numbers), but the date and day are normal (dots are activated for the numbers).

This model is the DZ-7072, and has dual time (with a simple toggle between using the select button), alarm, stopwatch, and timer features. There is also an el-backlight. But is also has an unusual feature - a Tips button. Pressing the button reveals a scrolling message where the date normally shows. These messages are rather strange, such as:
"I'm turned on"
"Don't ever leave me"
"Smile at a stranger"
"Youch! Don't press so hard!"
"Radar detects incoming coffee break..."
"Ha! Thought I was sleeping huh?"
"When am I going to get laid?"
I don't know how many messages there, but they are numbered (coming out randomly), and the highest number I've seen is 28 (so I'd guess 30).

The design is set so that the watch case merges with the strap through a white leather panel featuring a metal shield design. As with many watches, the strap can suffer from brittleness, but at least the leather holds things together.

The back shows an etched picture of a person with a Mohawk hairstyle, with the phrase "Diesel - only the brave".

I don't know when it came out, but it is a discontinued model.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Casio Art Casual Fishes - Turquoise LQ-152

As I'm collecting, I often end up getting several watches from the same series, and if I end up with enough, I end up accidently with the critical mass needed that they become a sub-collection that I start to search for.

This is what happened with the Casio Art Casual line of watches. This line seem to have been Casio's version of the Swatch watch with simple watches but with bright colourful patterns. Not much is out there about the line itself, and unusually, watches in the Art Casual line come under different series (the letters at the start of the model number).

Today's model is a fishy watch with a face design of two fish on a turquoise background, and an orange strap with more fish printed on. As with most of the Art Casual watches, it has a simple 3 hand dial display, but this one has a different case style than the others.
This particular watch has a full face glass which sits on top of the case, and the part with the hands is under a thinner circle of glass. The back of the watch is just an orange plastic disc with the watch details marked in an inset ring, and the crown is really small.
This design has a full model number of LQ-152-3. The strap part number is 206 P3.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 Eco-Drive 7821 Rectangular Turquoise & White

I seem to be finding that I have quite a few solar watches in my collection, and today it's another one!

This watch is yet another of my massive collection of Citizen Independent 1481010 watches. I have put together a big page dedicated to that watch range, and a link can be found at the top right corner of this webpage.

This model is also one of Citizen's Eco-Drive range which was a collection of watches with solar power. The solar panels are built into the face of this watch, and are designed to be hidden from view. The 1481010 Eco-Drive watches had two different designs - a rectangular dial (like today), and a round version.

The watch uses a 7821 module, and is a 3 hand dial with date at the 3 o'clock position. The second hand also shows when the watch's capacitor is running low on power by a single and double tick (it jumps 2 seconds in one tick).

The design came out in 1999, and this one has a model number of 7821-S72048. The catalogue number was IT21-4481R, and it was sold for 9,800 yen. This model stopped being sold in 2001.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Casio Twincept World Time Data Bank ABX-58

I tend to have a liking for high tech looking LCD watches, and the Casio Twincept range fits the bill.

The Casio Twincept watches from the ABX series have a nice arrangement with a normal electronic dial but an LCD display built into the glass. Thus allows them to show a range of data superimposed over the dial. The basic display has a combination of normal and dot matrix digits showing day (using the dots), date, and time (6 digits on the bottom row) . You can then change the mode and switch the LCD to show the other modes which are Data Bank, world time, alarm and stopwatch. In the world time mode, the LCD displays a world map with the selected zone flashing.

Today's model is the ABX-58 and it uses the same 1326 module as the ABX-53 watch that I blogged a while back, but has a different styling. This model has a more angular body (octagonal rather than round), and comes with a fabric and leather strap (which may not be original, but matches well). There is also a number on the bottom of the dial saying 701A2-067.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Kubrick Collection Black by GSX

It's time for a Sunday blog post, and I'm choosing another boxed watch today.

This watch is produced by the GSX company who are a Japanese brand and produce many watches in collaboration with products or films. This one is one of two watches that were part of the Kubrick Collection in collaboration with Medicom Toy Corporation. Kubricks are a set of small collectable block figure toys produced by the Japanese company Medicom and we're first released in 2000. The toys are similar to Lego figures and have specific designs printed onto a standard base shape. Each toy design is a limited edition, and are very popular to collect (and i have to admit that I have a small collection myself).

This watch is a special one done with the Kubricks, and features a rotating Kubrick figure as the second hand. A Kubrick toy also accompanied the watch with a clock based design, and the GSX name on the toy (it's number is PR011). Apart from the Kubrick second hand, the watch is a basic 3 hand dial with a quartz movement. It has a woven fabric strap, and came in two colours. This black version was the most common with 600 being produced. There was also a red strap version, which was limited to 400. The original sale price was 8,190 yen.

The back of the watch has an etched picture of a Kubrick, along with all of the copyright information.

As GSX only produce the watches, the watch is actually made by Best Co. Ltd, which is a Chinese manufacturing company making everything from clothes and footwear to glasses and watches.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Alba Solar Dynamic System ASEC009

The sun is back again today, and I'm blogging a solar watch again.

This watch is made by the Seiko brand Alba. The watch is part as their Solar Dynamic System or SDS line. The line started in the mid 90s, and this model was made in 1994 (and still for sale in 1996), and has a catalogue number of ASEC009. The watch is a 3 hand dial with no other functions. The solar panels are on the face of the watch and very visible (2 panels each with 2 sections).

It uses a V851 module, which was used in a few different designs in the SDS line. This one has an offset case with the strap on the right side of the case, and the shape of the watch had reminds me of the Millennium Falcon. It is 5 bar water resistant, and was made in Japan. When it was originally released, it sold for 6,500 yen.

The full model number is V851-5000, and has a FBC4EE 20 strap.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Timex Quartz 610 Analogue watch

I'm afraid it's a relatively normal watch for today's blog post.

This watch is made by Timex, and is a quartz movement analogue watch. It has a 3 hand dial, with date marker at the 3 o'clock position.

There is an unusual part to the display though - the main numbering around the dial shows 13-24 rather than 1-12 (as this is in smaller writing on an inner ring of text). There is also a rotating bezel with the compass points marked, but I think that is more decorative than of use.

This model is in dark blue and has a woven style leather strap. It says it is water resistant, however no details are given as to how much. Battery wise, it takes a CR2016 cell.

The only number on the back that could be a model number is B8, however there seem to be other different dial watches with this number too (with only 2 hands and no date, so it can't be the module number either). If it follows the code for mechanical watches, it could be the date stamp, and would mean an August 1994 manufacture. The price label that came with it mentions No. 610 though.

The original sale price was 7,800 yen.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Citizen Trans Continents "Helmet" - Glay edition D299

Today's watch is a type I've blogged before, but just in a different version.

The watch is a D299 module watch which looks a little like a motorcycle or astronaut helmet, and was released for the Japanese clothing brand Trans Continents. The Trans Continents watches were made by Citizen, and this one comes from 1998.

This particular version was made as a collaboration with the Japanese band Glay, and features their name under the glass below the inverse LCD display. Glay were formed in 1988 in Hakodate in Hokkaidō, Japan, and we're originally a Visual Kei band. They mainly produce pop and rock music, and are very popular, being the 7th highest selling band of all time in Japan (as of 2010).

The watch itself is a 2 line display LCD watch, with the time on the top, and date & day along the bottom. With the design, you only see half of the hour line when you look from directly above, so you need to look up at the watch to use it. The watch has dual alarms, dual time, stopwatch, and timer. The strap is matched to the body, and is of a design where you need to cut it to the right length (so watch out if you are buying second hand!).

The full model number is D299-L19206.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Casio Futurist LA-2100B

It's a small watch again today, and yet another that is meant to be a ladies watch, but I think works ok for a narrow wrist like mine.

The watch is another from the Futurist line produced by Casio (that last featured on the blog only 10 days ago). The line is mainly aimed at women, and produces fresh, young fun watches with a combination of retro and futuristic styles.

This model is the LA-2100B and features an inverse LCD display rotated 90 degrees to the normal. The display is small and rectangular and has 2 lines. The top line has the day and date (or text explaining the mode) in small characters, while the bottom line is a normal 6 digit time display. It has a 3130 module with time, alarm, and stopwatch modes, and an el-backlight. There is no adjust/setting button, with the time setting mode being the last option when you use the mode button.

The case is made of aluminium, and has a matching black steel strap. For power, it uses a CR1216, which is a less common battery size. The full model number is LA-2100B-1AJf, but I've seen it referred to as -1ADR too. It still appears on some Casio websites, but I think it may have been discontinued last year (2012).

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Citizen Vagary Ana-digi Temp - 8989 module

I'm wearing another of my temperature sensing watches again today, but this time it's back to the Ana-Digi Temp models.

The Ana-Digi Temp watches were released by Citizen and started in 1982. The watches have been released in many guises and are still being produced. This one is a more modern example, hailing from 2009, and is part of the Citizen Vagary line. The Vagary watches are one of Citizen's lines for fashion watches, and feature many interesting designs. It seems that the Vagary Ana-digi Temp is one of the least common out there, as I've rarely seen them online.

Generally, the watch follows the standard Ana-Digi Temp design with 2 electronic dials and 3 small windows with LCD displays. The full details of the watches display options can be found in my Ana-Digi Temp overview page (link). There are however a couple of differences with this Vagary model compared to the standard design. The watch doesn't actually say on the case that this is an Ana-digi (Temp) watch, which is unusual, and the normally prominent temperature sensor on the front is hidden!

This model uses the 8989 module, and has dual time, alarm, and stopwatch (down to 1/1000 of a second), as well as the temperature measurement, and it has a bulb based light.

The design features inlaid black perspex panels on the face, and it has a black leather strap (with the Vagary 'V' logo on the buckle and the number 25 imprinted into the back).

The full model number is 8989-S062250, and I think the catalogue number may be VN2-011-50. It also seems the original sale price was 19,950 yen.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Casio Temperature Sensor TS-150

We've been having unseasonably warm temperatures here this weekend, so i found a nice retro thermometer watch for today's post.

The watch in question is the Casio TS-150 from the mid/late 80s (the module date setting starts at 1985, but some sources state a 1989 release). The TS-150 was the Japanese version of the TS-100 watch and only shows temperature in Celsius). You can plainly see the metal sensor under the display, and there is a bar across the top of the LCD that shows the temperature reading. The watch is quite collectable, and relatively hard to find, especially if you want one with the lettering still in place on the front.

It uses an 851 module and has a few other tricks up it's sleeve than just temperature measurement. It has world time, along with temperatures for the cities, alarm (x5), timer (up to 24hr in 1 second increments), and stopwatch functions. To show the world functions, there is a map in the top left with an LCD overlay showing the time zone being used. Next to the map is a small 2 line LCD area which has the day and date, and the top line can also show the temperature and shows which mode you are in (-that line is also an array of dots). The main time is shown on a standard 6 digit LCD display.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pulsar Spoon Ingot W170

Another smart shiny watch again today, and from a brand of watches I've not featured so much.

This watch is made by one of the Seiko sub-brands, but not Alba (as with many in my collection), but by Pulsar (which was more the European brand).

The watch is one of the Spoon watches. This line came out in the mid 90s, and we're the first of the major lines of fashion watches (and a forerunner of the Seiko AKA and Citizen 1481010 lines).

This model is one of the more unusual Spoon watches with a vertically elongated design, and I think it was part of the Spoon Ingot line. The Ingot watches were all made I'm shiny metallic colours (and this makes it hard to get good photos of). It has a 2 line inverse LCD display with date and day in small digits along the top, and a 6 digit time display (with very large hours and minutes, and small seconds). The W170 module also has a chronograph, timer, alarm, and dual time. When switching between modes, the top line shows text as to which mode you are about to use.

The strap is a shiny dark blue colour, matched to the body, and has a part number of 71Q7-G-E.

The full model number is W170-4A20, and the instructions on the W170 can be found on the Pulsar Watches website. I think it came out in around 2000, but I haven't see it in any catalogues.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

ODM Mysterious V Never Too Late Message watch

This time I'm wearing a more colourful watch to celebrate today's Eurovision Song Contest final.
The watch is by the Hong Kong brand o.d.m (or odm) who were established in 1999 to make watches that were original, dynamic, and minimal.
As part of their range of watches, they produced their jelly watches which had a wide rubber strap which the module stretched into. In that set of watches, they had a couple of models with a scrolling dot matrix LCD display which would display the time and a scrolling message. For one of those types (today's Mysterious V scrolling message watch), it is possible to change the message, however you need a special device that was to be bought separately from odm (and i will include in a later post). You can tell the adjustable ones by two electric contacts on the back.
Today's model is part of a line called "23:59 Never too late", which has the message that even though you've reached the last minute, you still have another 60 seconds before the day ends. And even if there is just one minute, it is still a good time to strive to fulfill your dreams. As part of this line, the default scrolling message says "Never too late" (and this is followed by the time in inverse). With this watch, you also got a small plastic character toy with a square head and 23;59 written on its face.
From a module perspective, it has an LCD display with a 7x30? array of dots which shows time, date, and message. There is also a movement sensor where a 45 degree turn of the watch brings it back to showing the time (or switches between hours and minutes in setting mode).
The model number of this was DD99B-55