SeaHope Watches

SeaHope Watches

SeaHope watches was founded by Yasushi Kimura. A designer who had been working with Tokyoflash for a long while before starting the SeaHope company. SeaHope started in 1997 as a distributor company for unusual imported watches before starting to produce it's own designs in 1999 under various sub-groups. Currently Seahope has No.1 market share for LED watches in japan.
In 2006, Seahope started own watch shop ”two O two” in Yokosuka and was the first shop in Japan specialising in unique watches, and currently there are two shops in Japan (Shinjuku Tokyo, and Yokohama).
Due to the unusual designs, Seahope watches appear on many TV shows and in fashion magazines.


Eleeno was created in 2008 by Yasushi Kimura himself. The Eleeno watches work under the principle of "handless time", where the watches tell the time without the normal use of hands on a dial
The watches were designed to turn telling the time into a small puzzle (requiring a little interpretation before the time can be worked out), and became popular due to the unusual and uncommon watch designs. All of the EleeNo models are only made in small numbers meaning that they can be hard to come by!

Eleeno watches are split into 3 main lines:
Eleeno Cyber - electronic and LCD watches
Eleeno - analogue watches
Eleeno Lite - low cost unusual analogue watches
There is also an Eleeno EG range (technically falling under the Cyber group) which have segmented LCD displays


PIMP watches were a line of LED watches from SeaHope showing the time with various patterns of flashing lights. They aim to produce  limited edition watches in outragous designs never made before which combine 70s style with future modern day concepts. Their motto is "Trends are fine but being unique is even better!"
The first PIMP watches were released in November 2003, with the newest model released in October 2007.

Other models include Scope, Radio Active, Equalizer, and Alien DNA, and I will update these as I get to them in my collection.

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