Saturday, 31 May 2014

J-Axis Dude Octagonal Watch

Today's watch is a super shiny model which is good as I was at a birthday party this afternoon.

The watch is by J-Axis and is part of a range called Dude. The J-Axis brand has been around since 1987 when is was started by Sun Flame Co. They produce watches across many ranges, and have all manner of designs (many that appear similar to other popular products). Despite Dude normally referring to a man, the range seems to cover both mens and womens watches. This watch looks like it is probably for a woman, but it is ok for a man too.

This model has an octagonal case with a bright blue shiny face. The glass also has a cut like a jewel with the edges in bright blue making the watch very shiny. The strap is connected with a T-bar arrangement (with a jewel in), and it uses a black leather crocodile skin pattern strap. I don't know what model this is, but it may be is called the 13E-7.

It is a 3 hand dial design, with gold hands and jewels at the 3,6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. The case is assembled in China and 5 bar water resistant, and the watch claims a 4 year battery life.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Timex Expedition Chrono Alarm Timer

It's a rugged outdoor focused watch today.

This watch is by Timex and is part of their Expedition range. Timex watches are made under the Timex Group B.V. which is a holding company for the different Timex watch companies (for example Timex Group USA). The Expedition range, according to the website, 'reflect the secluded terrain that inspires adventure, and are built to endure the depths and elements you subject yourself to'.

There is no model number on this one, so I don't know it's name or date. It has a rugged looking brown and black case, and a fabric and leather strap. In the centre of the round face is the rectangular 2 line LCD (which is a little unusual as both lines are the same size, with just smaller seconds). The top line covers the day and date, with the bottom line showing the time.

The modes are given away by the title of the post - the watch has a chronograph, timer, and alarm modes. The watch also has the Timex Indiglo el-backlight, and fitting with the Expedition name, it is 100m water resistant.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Casio FS-10 Pela - the first film watch

I've posted a few of the Casio Film Watches and it seems like todays watch is the first.

The Casio Film watches or Pela as they were known are a range of super thin and light watches that have been released since the 80s.

This model is the Casio FS-10 and was the first of the film watch Pela models to be released. It came out in March 1985 and the concept came from the idea to mould the case and strap in one part, and used the latest hybrid moulding and microelectronics of the time. This resulted in a watch 3.9mm thick and weighing only 12g. According to Casio, this was the first ever million selling watch, but despite this, it is now classed as a very rare model. 

The watch came in (at least) two colours, and this one is the silver model (which seems less common by the ratio of pictures online). The face is square with the LCD at 45 degrees from the top left to bottom right. The button is triangular and in the bottom left, with the watches text on the top right, which says 'Casio FS-10 Auto-calendar'.

Inside is a 465 module and this runs the  digit LCD. It is a simple module, which is not surprising considering the size, and had time, date, and seconds. I've had this one working, but I have a loose connection inside so it goes black every time I try to screw on the back.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hollywood Pictures Home Video promotional watch

When I was younger, it was the time when videos were the major home entertainment after TV. Over the years I saw many different companies videos, but some names stuck in my memory.

Today's watch is promoting one of those companies - Hollywood Pictures Home Video. The Hollywood Pictures Home Video company was a film production company that was part of the Walt Disney Studios. The company was started in 1989 and was aimed at the mature viewer market, releasing its first video, Arachnophobia, in 1990. The brand continued until 2000, but was resurrected briefly in 2006 for low budget movies before being finally dissolved in 2007.

The watch is a basic 3 hand dial design with a Japanese quartz movement. The face features the logo of Hollywood Pictures Home Video which is a stylized front picture of the Sphinx. The back is blank, but the front shows the copyright is to the Hollywood Pictures, Company. It has a Maruman 'clean leather' strap which may be original (and hint at who made the watch) or just a replacement.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Seiko LM - Lord Matic 5606-8060

Today's watch is a vintage dial watch with a high quality finish.

The watch is by Seiko and is part of a range called Lord Matic (or Lordmatic), which is designated by the LM symbol on the face. The Lord Matic watches were a high quality watch aimed at competing against the middle class of Swiss watches, and was made during the late 60s and 70s. They were made with a high level of finish which was close to the Grand Seiko and King Seiko.

Inside this model is a Japanese made automatic 5606 movement driving a 3 hand dial with day (dual language) and date window at the 3 o'clock position. The Lord Matics used the 56 calibre movements, with the 23 jewel 5606 having the most features. This movement is a high beat with a sweep seconds hand and a 21600 bph frequency, making it very smooth. The 5606 movement had a C grade accuracy and contained many novel design elements to keep the thickness low (at 4.3mm).

This particular model is the 5606-8060, and was one of possibly hundreds of different variants produced. It features a blue and grey dial with silver hour markers. The glass is pretty thick with a thicker central flat section and sides which drop away. The face is round in an elongated case. The strap is stainless steel with a part number of XBA 020 and an LM branded clasp. From the serial number, this watch is made in 1974.

Monday, 26 May 2014

J. thams J-1106 Japanese Standard

Today is another one of those watches which looks like it is part of a major line, but is completely missing from the internet.

The watch is by J. thams (the small t is how it's shown on the watch), who I've tried searching for but couldn't find a homepage, or even a link to a seller.

The model number is J-1106 and is a 3 hand dial design with a Japanese quartz movement. It has a large dial, which covers the width of my wrist, and wedge shaped hour markers around the edge. The face also has the text "Japanese standard", but I can't work out what that is in relation to. The back doesn't give any more info, and just has the brand, model number, and states that the back is stainless steel. The strap is black leathery material, which I'm not sure is real leather, and this seems prone to cracking.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Super Lovers Red and Yellow Rotating Dot watch

Today is my 12th Super Lovers watch, but unfortunately I can't wear this due to the state of the strap (which is beginning to crumble).

The Super Lovers range is an interesting one due to the sheer number of different designs, which seem to have been custom made for the brand by a number of different makers. The Super Lovers watches are from the Japanese Harajuku Super Lovers company which started in 1988.

This model looks like a 2 hand dial, but there is a slightly hidden seconds display of a dot which rotates around the edge. The seconds dot is hidden behind a painted ring on the glass with the Super Lovers name printed on it. The centre of the face has the Super Lovers logo of a heart in a diamond symbol. The strap on this model is also a Super Lovers one with the name printed on each half.

Inside, the module doesn't have any maker name, but has a model number of 21694h. The module is also unusually large and fills the entire case (rather than the small lozenge shape of the standard quartz modules). I don't know when this is from, but I think it is a 90s model.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Storm Digicom

Another brand that is under represented on my blog is Storm. I have quite a lot of different designs (especially the older models), but this is only the 13th I've posted on here.

The Storm brand are from London and were started in 1989. The watches are of many different designs, normally with futuristic designs.

Actually, this model has the same clean design principles as yesterday's watch. The case is curved polished metal with only a small engraved Storm towards the bottom. In the centre of the watch is a red reflective oval window. Pressing the buttons reveals that this is an LED watch with a 4 digit true LED display. The top button is used for the time and the bottom for the date, and there is an inset button on the left for time setting.

The watch is called the Digicom, and is a little similar to the Digirom I blogged in 2012 but nothing like the Digi -  after this, I think Storm have too many similar named models! From what I've found, this model was released in 1998.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Nooka Zan Mirror

I'm wearing an eye-catching shiny watch today, and one which has taken me a long time to find online.

This watch is the Zan Mirror (or mr) by the New York based watch brand Nooka. I've posted many Nooka watches before, but this is my first analogue watch from them.

The Zan Mirror has a very clean and uncluttered design. It features the same square metal case shape as many of the other Nookas, but this time with an inset round face. There are no markings on the front of the watch (Nooka is engraved on the left side), and it is finished in a super shiny mirror style. It uses a 3 hand dial with thin silver hands, and at the end of the hands there are small glow-in-the-dark markers (dot for seconds, small cross for minutes, and large cross for hours). My one has a thick silver fabric and Italian leather strap with Nooka buckle, but this model often came with a metal mesh strap. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement (Miyota), and the watch is 5 atm water resistant.

The Nooka brand was founded by the designer Matthew Waldman, and follows the principles of the Nookafesto (universal communication, passion, interaction, purpose, inspiration, and futurism). For more info on the Nooka watches and to see more of the styles you can find them through the tags on the right of the webpage.

I'm not sure when this model came out, but it is not available for sale anymore, and it is not found online very often. On the back there is the number AS0086 which may be a model number (or just the serial number).

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Seiko Alba AKA V743 - Black and Aquamarine

As I'm quite a collector of late 90s fashion watches, the AKA watches are a little under reported.

Seiko released the AKA brand under their Alba brand new the mid 90s. They followed on from the Spoon watches which seemed to mark a change from function to fashion in the popular watch styles. The AKA line featured various different designs with sci-fi looks and bright colours, and were the main competition for the later Citizen Independent 1481010 watches.

This model is an oval design based around the V743 module and is similar in style to the silver limited edition V742 AKA I blogged just over 2 years ago. Looking at the differences between the watches, it seems that the V743 just has the addition of the day window compared to the V742.

It is a 3 hand dial design with the centre hidden behind a spot painted on the glass. There is a day and date window at the 3 o'clock position which fits nicely with the oval dial, and the crown is at the 4 o'clock position. This model is one of the less common black anodised versions with a black case and strap, and the case is 10 bar water resistant.

The full model number is V743-5A10, and this one was made in late 1996. It was part of a sub-range called black&gold which came out in 1997 and had black and gold cased versions for a higher cost than the normal silver models. This model had the catalogue number AMBN007 and it cost ¥15,000.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

EleeNo Graph - ART014

I've had one of these watches for a while now and this is my second after a dead battery broke the first one. I liked the idea of the design, but I think it is one of the hardest watches to read, and I a couple of times I have got the time completely wrong when trying to read it in a hurry!

The watch is by EleeNo, which is a brand from the SeaHope family of watches. The EleeNo watches specialise in 'handless time' meaning that most of their watches don't show the time with the traditional hand arrangement.

This model, The Graph, follows the design style, and has the model number ART014. It has a round case which raises up to peak along the centreline of the glass. The face is an oval shape with a central line where the numbers sit. The top black half covers the hours with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom. The hour 'hand' is a white leaf shape on a clear rotating disc, with one side a solid line, and the other a dotted line. Where the white line from this shape crosses the white line with the numbers is the time, and the dotted and solid lines let you know which way it is going (solid for 12 to 6, and dotted from 6 to 12). The bottom half of the face is white with a black text and covers the minutes. This works the same way as the hours, but uses the black 'leaf'. The confusion in telling the time comes from trying to read the wrong hand on the wrong half, and getting the dotted and solid lines mixed.

The watch came out in the mid to late 2000s, and this one was bought in 2008.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Alba Chrono W348

All of the big watch manufacturers made too many different models of watch to count them all, so it is not unusual to find models which don't appear online too much. Today's model is one of those.

This watch is by the Seiko brand Alba, and is based around their W348 module. It is an LCD model with a fast chronograph function. The watch will measure to the 1/1000 of a second, which is probably much faster than the users reaction speed. It has a rectangular LCD display, with the two lines of numbers/text only covering just over the bottom half of the panel. In that part there are two lines, the normal 6 digit time, with the date and day above. Over that are a set of 10 blocks which fill and empty with the seconds, and a curved set of blocks (at the left) which fill and empty with the 10 seconds. Along the very top of the LCD are the mode markers for the watch. For modes, the watch has stopwatch, timer, alarm (x3), and dual time.

This particular model is a colourful one in blue, green, and red, and has the model number of W348-4A10. From the serial number and style, I think it is from 1994, and my hunch was confirmed as I found it in the 1995 catalogue. In there it shows a catalogue number of ADQD007, and an original sale price of ¥6,000.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Citizen 6031 Coca-Cola watch

I've come across many watches which promote a product during my collecting. Most of the time, they seem to be the cheaper watches made by unknown manufacturers. Sometimes, they do have movements by one of the big names, but today's watch is unusual.

The watch itself is actually made by Citizen. It has a standard back detailing it was made by Citizen Watch Co., it is water resistant, and has a 6031 quartz module. The only thing missing is a serial number, which unfortunately means I can't determine the date of the watch.

It is a 3 hand dial watch, and has the phrase "Enjoy Coca Cola" on the face (but no Citizen markings on the front). The face only has hour markers, but there are roman numerals around the front edge of the case. The strap is a brown leather one, without any markings.

As this is a Citizen watch, it has a model number, which is 6031-343476.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Citizen Trans Continents 5538 Lunar Module

This is the third of my Lunar Module watches from the Citizen Trans Continents range, and has a bit of a different style to the others.

The Trans Continents watches are a collaboration between Citizen and the Japanese clothing brand Trans Continents. The watches usually have a retro space or travel theme, and the Lunar Module watches take the space theme even further.

This model uses the 5538 module, and has a different layout to the 63xx module of the previously blogged ones. This is a 3 'hand' dial design, with the hours and minutes shown on regular hands. The seconds display is a clear rotating disc with the picture of a rocket on. The rocket is positioned so it looks like it is orbiting the centre of the dial as the seconds go round. The watch doesn't actually have moon phase despite having the Lunar Module name. There is a window at the 6 o'clock position which shows a moon, but only around 12 o'clock. The disc in the window actually moves with the hours, and shows a group of planets (around 3), the lunar capsule part of a rocket (around 6), and the moon lander (around 9) as well as the moon.

Looking at the serial number, I guess that this is an earlier model compared to the others I'd blogged. I guess that is is from 2000, as I don't think it is as new as 2010, and looks too modern for 1990.

The full model number is 5538-H24458. The instruction manual comes in both Japanese and English, but doesn't come with much unique information.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Gallucci Tonneau Skeleton

Today is my third watch by the manufacturer Gallucci.

As with the other Gallucci watches, this one is a mechanical automatic watch. The Gallucci brand is from Hong Kong and was started in 2002. It is owned by the Hong Kong based watch manufacturer R and S International Limited and they chose the name after the celestial atlas by Giovanni Paulo Gallucci.

This model is a Tonneau shaped watch in the skeleton style with a Gallucci mechanical automatic movement. The movement can be seen through a round window in the centre of the dial and a large round window in the back. It has a 3 hand display and there are two other small dials (which is the same as the other Gallucci watches I've posted). At the 6 o'clock position is the 24hr dial and at the 3 o'clock position is the date. Time is set by the crown, but there is a push button for setting the date. Above the date window there is a raised section of glass which magnifies the view.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Casio Intelligent Gear Twincept ABX-52

I've had a soft spot for the Casio Twincept watches for a while now. One of the first watches I had, and wore a lot, was a Twincept style model (and i'll blog that specific one when I've found a replacement strap).

The feature that caught my eye was the combination with the dial for the time, and the LCD display hidden in the front glass. Today's Twincept has the same feature, but is probably the most basic model I've come across.

This model is the ABX-52, or to give this variation its full title ABX-52B-7E. It has a two hand electronic dial with a single button for advancing the time. The LCD display has two lines, the top is a dot matrix, and the bottom line has 7 digits. There are two modes with the LCD to cover storage of telephone numbers, and to cover fax numbers. Overall, there are 50 slots for data and it is classed as a Telememo 50. This is all powered by a 786 module, and housed in a 5 bar water resistant case.

The original sale price for this model was ¥9,500, and I guess it is from the 90s.