Friday, 23 May 2014

Nooka Zan Mirror

I'm wearing an eye-catching shiny watch today, and one which has taken me a long time to find online.

This watch is the Zan Mirror (or mr) by the New York based watch brand Nooka. I've posted many Nooka watches before, but this is my first analogue watch from them.

The Zan Mirror has a very clean and uncluttered design. It features the same square metal case shape as many of the other Nookas, but this time with an inset round face. There are no markings on the front of the watch (Nooka is engraved on the left side), and it is finished in a super shiny mirror style. It uses a 3 hand dial with thin silver hands, and at the end of the hands there are small glow-in-the-dark markers (dot for seconds, small cross for minutes, and large cross for hours). My one has a thick silver fabric and Italian leather strap with Nooka buckle, but this model often came with a metal mesh strap. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement (Miyota), and the watch is 5 atm water resistant.

The Nooka brand was founded by the designer Matthew Waldman, and follows the principles of the Nookafesto (universal communication, passion, interaction, purpose, inspiration, and futurism). For more info on the Nooka watches and to see more of the styles you can find them through the tags on the right of the webpage.

I'm not sure when this model came out, but it is not available for sale anymore, and it is not found online very often. On the back there is the number AS0086 which may be a model number (or just the serial number).

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