Thursday, 15 May 2014

XLarge Ape Logo watch

About 18 months ago, I blogged a collaboration between the Citizen Independent line and a clothing brand called X-Large (or XLarge). Today's watch is another X-Large watch, but released on its own.

The X-Large brand started in 1991 in California. It is a brand making street, skate, and hip-hop wear, and has been very popular due to its supposed links to the Beastie Boys (although the link is only that one of the band members helped formulate the idea of the brand). Their clothes are still popular and have a strong second hand market. The brand is known for its Ape logo, which supposedly came before the Bathing Ape /Bape brand.

This watch prominently displays the X-Large Ape logo with it taking up almost the whole of the dial. It is a 3 hand dial design with a Japanese quartz movement, and is 30m water resistant. The rest of the watch design is quite plain with just a shiny silver case and expanding bracelet strap.

The warranty card shows returns to ZNX Timerica from California. They are a watch distribution company, and may have been the manufacturer or distributor on behalf of X-Large.

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