Friday, 16 May 2014

Casio Intelligent Gear Twincept ABX-52

I've had a soft spot for the Casio Twincept watches for a while now. One of the first watches I had, and wore a lot, was a Twincept style model (and i'll blog that specific one when I've found a replacement strap).

The feature that caught my eye was the combination with the dial for the time, and the LCD display hidden in the front glass. Today's Twincept has the same feature, but is probably the most basic model I've come across.

This model is the ABX-52, or to give this variation its full title ABX-52B-7E. It has a two hand electronic dial with a single button for advancing the time. The LCD display has two lines, the top is a dot matrix, and the bottom line has 7 digits. There are two modes with the LCD to cover storage of telephone numbers, and to cover fax numbers. Overall, there are 50 slots for data and it is classed as a Telememo 50. This is all powered by a 786 module, and housed in a 5 bar water resistant case.

The original sale price for this model was ¥9,500, and I guess it is from the 90s.

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