Monday, 26 May 2014

J. thams J-1106 Japanese Standard

Today is another one of those watches which looks like it is part of a major line, but is completely missing from the internet.

The watch is by J. thams (the small t is how it's shown on the watch), who I've tried searching for but couldn't find a homepage, or even a link to a seller.

The model number is J-1106 and is a 3 hand dial design with a Japanese quartz movement. It has a large dial, which covers the width of my wrist, and wedge shaped hour markers around the edge. The face also has the text "Japanese standard", but I can't work out what that is in relation to. The back doesn't give any more info, and just has the brand, model number, and states that the back is stainless steel. The strap is black leathery material, which I'm not sure is real leather, and this seems prone to cracking.

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