Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jetour Promotional Watch

I've been travelling today, so I've worn something flight related.

This watch is modelled on the the Swatch style of basic case with a plastic construction and basic plastic strap.

This watch was made as a promotional item for Jetour. Jetour is a Hong Kong based travel company dealing with holiday planning. The face has the Jetour logo, and the strap shows cartoon pictures of various holiday locations. The pictures cover a Chinese dragon, a couple on a jet-ski, a dancer and palm trees in the sunset (Hawaii?), the Statue of Liberty (New York), the Eiffel Tower (Paris), a Koala, and the Sidney Opera House.

It is a 3 hand dial design, or more correctly a 2 hand and 1 disc design. The disc is the seconds display, and is a clear disc with a small cartoon aeroplane with eyes.

There is no information on the back, so I don't have any more details or a date.

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