Sunday, 11 May 2014

JAL Jumbo Watch

It's a novelty watch for my blog on this Sunday evening.

The watch is modelled after a fat shaped jumbo jet, the Boeing 747. I've of a couple of these, and they are normally issued as in-flight purchases for passengers, and occasionally in the airports.

To release the watch part, you press down the back tail wings of the plane. This makes the front of the plane pop out revealing the 4 digit LCD display with the normal time, date, and seconds displays. There is also a switch on the back of the watch which starts the lights and sounds (although this runs the battery down pretty quick). Batteries are held under the top of the plane where there are 2x AG4 batteries.

It is made for Inflight Supply International from the Netherlands but made in China. There is a design registration number of 1057775 on the back.

This particular one is made for Japan Airlines, also known as JAL. The plane is in the JAL livery and has the logos on the side of the plane and on the tail.

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