Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cross Ana-Digi WMH20

Today's watch is another which I've not been able to get working.

This is another watch by the pen maker Cross. Cross began as makers of fine writing implements in 1846, and it is their pens that they are most famous for. They expanded into time-pieces in 1997 with a limited distribution range. After that, the range was expanded and are still being produced today.

The watch is model WMH20 and is an ana-digi design. It has a rectangular case with the 3 hand dial set in the middle. The LCD is curved around the bottom of the dial like a smiley face. The digits on the LCD also curve round, and there is space for 6 digits. The modes are all on the LCD,  with the watch having chronograph and alarm modes (and the ability to do dual time). Inside, a single module runs both the dial and LCD.

The original sale price was ¥22,050.

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