Saturday, 3 May 2014

Casiotron 04-504

Today I'm wearing one of the original Casio LCD watches.

The watch is one of the Casiotron range which were the name for the first line of Casio LCD watches. The line started in around 1974 and featured many different designs of LCD watch, but most of the first models had a square LCD display in a large thick case.

This is the model 04-504 with a QW04 module. This is a similar model to the 04-502 watch i posted about in 2012 (which I mistakenly thought was a modern remake). This design has a round centre to the face with the LCD display in. The display is a standard old model with  3 1/2 digit time and day marker along the top. The day marker also has a second function in that it flashes to show the seconds (with the number printed below the day).

This model also came with a mesh strap, and other models online seems to have the same strap as this one - but unusually, it isn't a Casio brand strap (it is Kreisler).

The back has the usual information, and the battery is changed with a coin opened slot.

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