Friday, 27 February 2015

Jean Colonna D400 G.S.D

After collecting this long, it's interesting when I find watches with links to other brands/models than expected.

Today's watch is from the Jean Colonna brand, but shares a movement with one of the 1481010 watches.

Jean Colonna is a Belgian fashion designer, who's emerged in the 1990s. His style was different than many of the others during that period, bringing a grungy raw edge to Paris fashion. Some commentators suggested his designs had a wonderfully seedy and perverse style, more like a nightclub than a catwalk.

As with many designers, watches were part of the collection, and today's watch is one of those. This model is based around the Citizen D400 module, and with the design of the back, I'd guess that the watch was actually made by Citizen. It doesn't seem to have been a common watch though, as I've not found anything online linking Jean Colonna with the D400 module...

The D400 is am LED module, with what Citizen calls its Graphic Sparkle Display (G.S.D). It has a 4 digit display in red and green LEDs, and when activated, the LEDs flicker giving a sparkly effect before showing a short light pattern (which changes depending on the hour). In this version, the module is housed in a round metal case, with the LEDs hidden behind a mirrored face with the Jean Colonna name at the bottom.

The back has the Jean Colonna name too, along with the serial number (indicating a 1999 fabrication date) and full model number D400-A05397.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Casio SA-54 slim digital watch

Today I'm back to another of my vintage Casio LCD watches.

This model is the SA-54 and is the second of the SA- watches I've blogged (-the first being in June 2014). The SA watches seem to have first appeared in 1984, and I've seen quotes that this SA-54 model was released in that year. The SA- watches seem to share a slim design as a common design feature, and this SA-54 fits with that brief, being only about 4mm thick.

It has a standard 6 digit LCD panel, with smaller seconds and a narrow first digit. Inside is a Casio 145 quartz movement which is an alarm chronograph module. Overall, this gives the watch dual time, an timer modes as well as the alarm and chronograph, and these are marked just above the LCD display.

The back has the older design with the information engraved in a ring. It into has the basic information present, just saying the brand, model, movement number, and material (stainless steel back). There is also a serial number, and that this watch was made in Japan.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Storm Nuclear Lazer

Today's watch is one from a brand which is pretty easy to identify from looks alone.

The Storm watches by Storm of London definitely have a recognizable style. The watches are usually metal cased with metal straps and have a shiny but not mirrored appearance. The straps are also easy to spot from a distance with the long solid first section with the raised centre and small grooves down each side, and the square Y shaped links.

Today's model is the Nuclear Lazer, and it follows all of these usual Storm watch design features. The Nuclear Lazer is an analogue watch with a 3 hand dial and quite a simple design. It has plain silver hands on a bright blue shiny face, and there is nothing on the dial except the Storm name. The case is a curved metal surface with no markings, and the watch has a domed glass which catches the light. The back just has the standard info with the Storm logo, watch name, serial number, material (stainless steel back), and water resistance (50m).

The watch was released in the late 90s, and was definitely for sale in 1999, making it one of the models from the 10th anniversary year of the brand .

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Citizen 1300m Professional Divers Watch

I used to think that a divers watch with 200m to 400m water resistance was impressive until today's watch came into my collection.

Today's watch is one of the Citizen Professional Divers watches, designed for serious underwater use. The models were made for saturation divers (tool divers), and came in 3 different levels of water resistance. This model is the most serious of the lot, with a crazy 1300m water resistance - yes, really 1300m!  The others in the range were only 800m and 300m. My research has found that the watches come from the early 80s (with my one being made in 1982), and it seems they were very expensive at the time, with only a very limited number being produced mainly for the Japanese domestic market (-I guess the market for people needing this level of water resistance is quite a small one). From the comments on various forums, it seems that this1300m  model is even one of the holy grails of the tool divers watch collector. I was pretty lucky to get it, as it was mixed into a pile of old junk watches I'd bought online, and it is in excellent condition!

The watch is a large case analogue model based around the Citizen 1251 quartz movement. It has a 3 hand dial design, and there is a day and date window at the 3 o'clock position. There is also a rotating bezel with lock feature, so to turn it you need to press the bezel down first, reducing the chance of an accidental nudge. As this has a high water resistance, it unsurprisingly has a screw down crown too.

The case is large and more of a square shape, but is made of titanium, so is pretty light and comfortable to wear. The strap is thick and long, so is suitable for use over a diving suit, and it has the Professional Divers name printed onto the lower half. The buckle is printed too, with a table of no-decompression limits to be used while diving.

The back of the watch controls the usual mode number and construction material information. The unusual part is that there is a section with dates (1 for year, and 1 for months) which is used to show the battery change date - I don't know if this is when it was changed, or when it needed to be changed, but suggests that after the battery change, you may have been expected to replace the watch back too!

The full model number is 1251-215249. In terms of value, it seems that the watch commands a reasonably high price, often being put up for sale for over $2000.

UPDATE: I found that the watch was still for sale in the 1990 Citizen catalogue, and I've added a picture of the advert. The catalogue number was SPN56-0503, and it had a sales price of a rather massive ¥172,000! 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Benetton by Bulova - Black and White

I seem to have quite a collection of these Benetton by Bulova watches now, and so I'm going to try to research them a bit deeper to find out more about the background.

Most of the models I've blogged before have been highly colourful, but today's model is quite a plain design in comparison. It has the usual shaped case for the range, but this time in shiny silver. The face here is white, with a black ring where the hours numbers are shown. There are also minutes numbers and markers outside the ring in black text and the Benetton name and logo inside the ring. The design is completed with a brown leather strap, but I can't be sure that it is original (although it does have a Benetton buckle).

The watch is a 3 hand dial design, and is powered by a Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

The Benetton by Bulova range appears to have started in the late 80s or early 90s, and I'm still trying to narrow that timing down (as well as when the range finished). Other models have shown to be assembled in Hong Kong, so I'd guess that was common for the range too.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Innovative Time Corporation MDW031 Alarm Chronograph with Compass

Today's watch is an old digital watch from a brand which doesn't exist anymore.

This watch is a traditional looking LCD watch by a company called Innovative Time Corporation. Looking online, it appears that the brand doesn't exist anymore, with the last information being that they were bought by a company called Trendmasters in 1999 (who's website also seems not to exist anymore). Looking further, the Innovative Time logo used on this watch was registered in 1983 and went out of use in 2003, putting limits on when the brand was about. The company states on the watch that they were 'leaders in quartz technology', and it seems they also made promotional watches for companies such as Disney.

This watch is the MDW031 and is an alarm chronograph model with a compass. It has a standard LCD style with 6 digits and day markers above, and the watch modes are time, date, alarm, and stopwatch. The compass is actually mounted on the bottom half of the strap with small dome and floating compass pointer.

The back has the logo and name, and states this was made in China. It also says the watch is made from resin and stainless steel, and is 3 atm water resistant.

From all of the information about the brand, and taking into account the design, I'd guess that this was an 80s model (or early 90s at the latest).

Friday, 20 February 2015

Citizen Trans Continents Ladies Lunar Module

Sorry for missing a post yesterday - I was still unwell.

Back to normal today with my fourth Trans Continents watch with a Lunar module design. This model is a smaller ladies model than the other versions I've blogged, but shares many design similarities. It has a rectangular case with a round face, this time in pink. It is a 3 hand (or 2 hand and 1 disc), and has the regular 50s style spaceship as the seconds marker (on the disc). There is a small date window at the 6 o'clock position, just below the moon phase window. The moon phase dial here is a simple one with a circle showing the proportion of the moon showing (in a combination of grey and pink).

The numbers on the back don't follow the normal numbering and are more similar to the old Citizen watches. The number which I think is the model number is 4-T003630, but this doesn't help with the module number. On the dial, there is another number in tiny font at the very bottom, which is 6085-T006022. From that, I think that it uses a 6085 Japanese movement. The serial number also looks a little different, but if it follows the normal system, this watch was made in 2003.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Storm Pentax Round

It's a quick post today as I'm a little sick.

The watch I'm blogging is another of my Storm watches, and unfortunately, it has a broken LCD.

The model is called the Pentax Round, and it is a small ladies LCD watch. I've seen the watch online a couple of times, but it has been marketed then as a ring watch with a short strap - my one has a long strap, and so is definitely a wrist watch. The LCD is very small with the hours and minutes in opposite corners. Looking inside, I think that the module used is the same as the Storm Navigator I've blogged previously. It is a simple module with just the 4 digits of time, and the watch doesn't have any buttons (except for the inset ones for time setting) so you can't even change the display.

This watch still seems to be for sale online, so I think it will align with the 2009 reissue of the Navigator and is likely a 2010s model. The place I've seen it for sale was New Zealand, and it stated there that the rrp was 149 New Zealand Dollars.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Seiko Alba AKA V657 Orange Chronograph

Today's watch is one of the mid 90s fashion watches from Seiko.

The watch is part of the AKA range of watches released by the Seiko brand Alba. Many of the watches released by the sub-brands of Seiko have appeared under the different names (for example Alba and  Pulsar), but the AKA range seems to have been am Alba exclusive. The range came out in the mid 90s and was aimed at the young and fashionable, but were not a cheap line of watches.

This model I've blogged before, but in a different colour. It is an analogue watch based around the V657 quartz module. It is a 3 hand dial design, with 3 smaller dials at the 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions, and a date window at the 3 o'clock position. The smaller dials are for the chronograph features and show 1/10th sec, seconds, and minutes.

This watch has a round face with a shiny orange dial, and there are blue and red minutes markers around the edge. It has a common AKA steel strap design with the first section shaped a little like a  tuning fork (or robot hand), and an AKA stamped clasp.

This particular model was made in 1996 and has the model number V657-6030 (which is the same for all of the colour variations).

Monday, 16 February 2015

Casio JC-11 Jog & Walk Calorie watch

It's another of the retro Casio watches for me today, and this one is made for the sporty types.

This model is a Casio LCD watch called the Jog & Walk Calorie. It has a model number of JC-11 and seems to have come out in the late 80s or early 90s. The JC-11 is the Japanese model, with a JC-10 version being more common outside of Japan.

The watch has an unusual design, and is laid out as a 'bullhead' watch. This means that the buttons are laid out at the top left and right of the case, so are like the horns of a bull, which is like the button placement on a handheld digital stopwatch. Strangely, these buttons are not for the stopwatch start and stop, as those are on the front of the watch below the LCD. This model has a round case (which is not so common) made of resin, and is 5 bar water resistant.

Inside is a Casio 880 module which runs the 2 line LCD display. The main (bottom) line covers the time in 6 digits, while the top line has the day and date. Inbetween the two lines is an area where the different modes are shown to highlight what setting is active. In the top right of the LCD is a small dot matrix array with a picture of a running man, who runs or walks depending on the mode. For modes, this watch has a stopwatch, pace, and alarm mode. From the stopwatch, it also has the option to measure your calorie usage, but you need to set up the watch to your own settings before it will work. To get the calories, you input your weight, age, and stride length, set your pace (which is marked by beeps), and say whether you are walking or running, and the watch then calculates the calories consumed.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

1481010 Bonzaipaint Journal Standard D600

It's been a long while since I posted a 1481010 (in fact I didn't post one in the entire of 2014).

This model is one of the solar powered Eco-Drive models and has a D600 module inside. I've blogged one of these watches in 2012, but this is a special model. This model is a collaboration between Citizen, Bonzaipaint, and Journal Standard. In the guarantee form, it states that this is an "Independent Bonzaipaint custum limited edition", and I've spelt it exactly as the paper says...

Journal Standard is a Japanese brand which has been around since the 90s, with creative, quality contemporary casual clothing. They are running in Japan, Hong-Kong, and Paris, and have over 30 stores. Bonzaipaint seem to have been a group looking at custom designs or special editions of clothing, but their website just has a single cartoon image. For info on the Citizen Independent 1481010 range itself, I've got lots on information on my 1481010 overview page.

The 1481010 D600 is a large solar watch with an LCD display. It has a curved solar panel above the LCD display which uses a dotted pixel style 6 digit display with an animation as the numbers change. The watch has buttons on the front which control the modes and start the light. The modes are dual time, stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer, and which is shown by circles along the top of the LCD. The size of the solar panel and battery, combined with the power saving mode means that this model should have 4 years life between charges.

This special edition has different paints than the usual 1481010 D600, and a special style of strap. The strap is extremely wide with a velcro fastening, and includes the Bonzaipaint and Journal Standard names.

The full model number is D600-L20271, and the watch seems to have come from 2000.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Super Lovers Domed Helmet Watch

As today is Valentine's Day, there was only one choice of brand for today's watch - Super Lovers.

This is another of my Super Lovers watch collection and is an analogue model. The Super Lovers brand is a Japanese fashion brand based in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. They have heavy influences from the club scene and their designs are extremely popular in Japan. The watches have been made over the years and have a variety of makes of quartz module and case makers, so seem to be commissioned pieces.

This model is a 3 hand dial with an unusual shaped case. The case is domed and reminds me of an astronaut helmet. The face is under domed glass and angled towards the bottom so you don't have to turn your wrist so much to see it fully. The face shows the usual Super Lovers logo (a heart in a superman style diamond shape)  in red and silver. The Super Lovers name is imprinted into case above the face. Inside this one is a Miyota (Citizen) quartz movement, and there is a sticker on the back saying this is made in China. I don't know when this model is from, but it feels a little more modern, so I'll guess it's a 2000s model.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Casio Waveceptor WVA-104H

Today's watch is back to the higher tech watches with a model from Casio.

This watch is the WVA-104H by Casio. It is an ana-digi design from the Waveceptor line of watches and is a multi-band radio controlled watch. It has a 2 hand electronic dial which is fully integrated into the LCD controls. The LCD sits at the bottom of the face and is of a 2 line design, having standard digits along the top and a dot matrix along the bottom.

The watch runs with a 2736 module and has a variety of modes. The functions are world time, alarms (x3 + a couple I couldn't work out), data bank (with time stamp), stopwatch, and dual time.

The design is a curvy blend of silver and black, with a slightly futuristic feel. There is a resin strap which blends into the design of the case.

It doesn't seem to be sold anymore, with most of the web hits relating to where to find the manual or for buying a replacement strap. Based on forum posts, the watch was for sale in 2007, so it's likely that it was an early 00s release.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Planet Design SA300

It seems that the design with raised hour markers/numbers coming out of a sloped edge is popular at the moment, and today's watch is following the trend.

This watch is the 7th of my Planet Design watches from Japan. The Planet Design watches are by a company called Emit Co., Ltd and are made in China with Japanese quartz modules. The range are made to be a modern take on retro designs, and follow some common themes.

This model is the SA300 and is a 3 hand dial design analogue watch. The face features the Planet Design logo in the centre (a 'globe' with latitude and longitude lines), and the previously mentioned raised hour markers (6 and 12 are numbers with the others as rectangular markers). It has a metal strap, and the clasp has the Planet Design name imprinted into it.

The watch is still available, and costs ¥3,240. There are 4 colour options, and this is the silver model with blue and black face - other models are silver with black and red or while and black faces, or all black with white printing.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

JPG In Space watch

I while ago I blogged about a range of watches by Jean Paul Gaultier from the late 90s. Today's watch is also from that collection, but a very different design.

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the more well known fashion designers (and also has a range of perfumes and aftershaves), and is recognised for his flamboyant style. He has produced many well known outfits for celebrities, with his most famous work probably being for Madonna with her cone bra (or maybe his men in skirts who included David Beckham). In 1997, he collaborated with Citizen to produce a range of watches which included both analogue and digital models.

This watch is one of the analogue designs, and has the text JPG In Space on the dial. It is a 3 hand dial design, with a Citizen 1030 movement inside. The case is round and quite deep. The face of the watch is a good distance behind the glass and features a yellow, blue, and purple curvy geometric design. The numbers are printed on the inside of the glass and are in the retro computer style font. The design is completed with an striped shiny strap with leather backing that looks orange from one angle and green from a different angle.

The back has the JPG logo as with the others in this range, and states this is made of basd metal and is water resistant. The full model number is shown and is 1030-L16231. There is no serial number on this model, but the similarities to the other JPG watches and the use of the Citizen 1030 module in the 1481010 1481010 watches in the same period make me conclude that this is also from around 1997. Several colour variations were produced, and I've seen a blue one too.