Friday, 13 February 2015

Casio Waveceptor WVA-104H

Today's watch is back to the higher tech watches with a model from Casio.

This watch is the WVA-104H by Casio. It is an ana-digi design from the Waveceptor line of watches and is a multi-band radio controlled watch. It has a 2 hand electronic dial which is fully integrated into the LCD controls. The LCD sits at the bottom of the face and is of a 2 line design, having standard digits along the top and a dot matrix along the bottom.

The watch runs with a 2736 module and has a variety of modes. The functions are world time, alarms (x3 + a couple I couldn't work out), data bank (with time stamp), stopwatch, and dual time.

The design is a curvy blend of silver and black, with a slightly futuristic feel. There is a resin strap which blends into the design of the case.

It doesn't seem to be sold anymore, with most of the web hits relating to where to find the manual or for buying a replacement strap. Based on forum posts, the watch was for sale in 2007, so it's likely that it was an early 00s release.

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