Monday, 16 February 2015

Casio JC-11 Jog & Walk Calorie watch

It's another of the retro Casio watches for me today, and this one is made for the sporty types.

This model is a Casio LCD watch called the Jog & Walk Calorie. It has a model number of JC-11 and seems to have come out in the late 80s or early 90s. The JC-11 is the Japanese model, with a JC-10 version being more common outside of Japan.

The watch has an unusual design, and is laid out as a 'bullhead' watch. This means that the buttons are laid out at the top left and right of the case, so are like the horns of a bull, which is like the button placement on a handheld digital stopwatch. Strangely, these buttons are not for the stopwatch start and stop, as those are on the front of the watch below the LCD. This model has a round case (which is not so common) made of resin, and is 5 bar water resistant.

Inside is a Casio 880 module which runs the 2 line LCD display. The main (bottom) line covers the time in 6 digits, while the top line has the day and date. Inbetween the two lines is an area where the different modes are shown to highlight what setting is active. In the top right of the LCD is a small dot matrix array with a picture of a running man, who runs or walks depending on the mode. For modes, this watch has a stopwatch, pace, and alarm mode. From the stopwatch, it also has the option to measure your calorie usage, but you need to set up the watch to your own settings before it will work. To get the calories, you input your weight, age, and stride length, set your pace (which is marked by beeps), and say whether you are walking or running, and the watch then calculates the calories consumed.

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