Sunday, 15 February 2015

1481010 Bonzaipaint Journal Standard D600

It's been a long while since I posted a 1481010 (in fact I didn't post one in the entire of 2014).

This model is one of the solar powered Eco-Drive models and has a D600 module inside. I've blogged one of these watches in 2012, but this is a special model. This model is a collaboration between Citizen, Bonzaipaint, and Journal Standard. In the guarantee form, it states that this is an "Independent Bonzaipaint custum limited edition", and I've spelt it exactly as the paper says...

Journal Standard is a Japanese brand which has been around since the 90s, with creative, quality contemporary casual clothing. They are running in Japan, Hong-Kong, and Paris, and have over 30 stores. Bonzaipaint seem to have been a group looking at custom designs or special editions of clothing, but their website just has a single cartoon image. For info on the Citizen Independent 1481010 range itself, I've got lots on information on my 1481010 overview page.

The 1481010 D600 is a large solar watch with an LCD display. It has a curved solar panel above the LCD display which uses a dotted pixel style 6 digit display with an animation as the numbers change. The watch has buttons on the front which control the modes and start the light. The modes are dual time, stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer, and which is shown by circles along the top of the LCD. The size of the solar panel and battery, combined with the power saving mode means that this model should have 4 years life between charges.

This special edition has different paints than the usual 1481010 D600, and a special style of strap. The strap is extremely wide with a velcro fastening, and includes the Bonzaipaint and Journal Standard names.

The full model number is D600-L20271, and the watch seems to have come from 2000.

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