Sunday, 22 February 2015

Innovative Time Corporation MDW031 Alarm Chronograph with Compass

Today's watch is an old digital watch from a brand which doesn't exist anymore.

This watch is a traditional looking LCD watch by a company called Innovative Time Corporation. Looking online, it appears that the brand doesn't exist anymore, with the last information being that they were bought by a company called Trendmasters in 1999 (who's website also seems not to exist anymore). Looking further, the Innovative Time logo used on this watch was registered in 1983 and went out of use in 2003, putting limits on when the brand was about. The company states on the watch that they were 'leaders in quartz technology', and it seems they also made promotional watches for companies such as Disney.

This watch is the MDW031 and is an alarm chronograph model with a compass. It has a standard LCD style with 6 digits and day markers above, and the watch modes are time, date, alarm, and stopwatch. The compass is actually mounted on the bottom half of the strap with small dome and floating compass pointer.

The back has the logo and name, and states this was made in China. It also says the watch is made from resin and stainless steel, and is 3 atm water resistant.

From all of the information about the brand, and taking into account the design, I'd guess that this was an 80s model (or early 90s at the latest).

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  1. I have the same design watch but with the Quartz Pulse Monitor and it still works. The internal date starts at 1987 which is when I bought it.