Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Official Ronald McDonald Watch

Today's watch is a charity watch from a well known corporation.

The watch is a watch for Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the McDonald's burger chain, and the watch is named as "The official Ronald McDonald watch". On the packaging,  the watch also says "Thank You for supporting Ronald McDonald House". The Ronald McDonald house is a program of charities from McDonald's, which provides a home away from home for families of children undergoing long hospitalisation. The charity was established in 1974 in memory of Ray A. Kroc, and provides shelter, warmth, and comfort to families during difficult times. They now operate over 300 houses in 57 countries. A proportion of the sale of this watch was a donation to the charity. The packaging also has branding for Coca-Cola who are quoted as helping support Ronald McDonald House.

The watch is a small LCD watch with a 4 digit display. As usual with this kind of LCD watch, it has just the basic features of time, date, and seconds.

The date for the watch is 1984, and there is a warranty label on the back which says the watch has a warranty until Mar 15th 1985.

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