Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Casio Ana-Digi AW-61

It seems like a while since I last wore one of my Casio ana-digi watches, so here is one.

This watch is the AW-61 and is a complex looking mixture of analogue dial and LCD. Previously, I'd suggested that the AW-XX numbering was marked a series of Ana-Digi models, and today's watch still fits with that theory.

The AW-61 has a bit more separation of the analogue and digital than my previously blogged AW series watches, with the LCD below the dial rather than being in the bottom of the face. The analogue part is a two hand dial design with its own crown for setting. The LCD section is a small rectangular LCD panel with two lines (which is not so normal in an ana-digi design). By default, the LCD shows day and date along the top, with time (6 digits) along the bottom, and is also used for the other modes. Inside is a 1750 module which gives the watch alarm and stopwatch modes. The analogue and digital displays have their own batteries, with the analogue using a SR521SW and the digital taking a CR1616. The watch is quite robust with 100m water resistance, and there is an el-backlight which covers both the dial and LCD.

The AW-61 came in many colour variations, as well as a choice of plastic, metal, or leather materials, and the model numbers go from -1xx to -7xx (but I've not found what this one is) . I don't know when the AW-61 is from, but it isn't sold anymore and my guess would be 90s (although the Casio watches are very difficult to date from looks alone).

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