Thursday, 26 February 2015

Casio SA-54 slim digital watch

Today I'm back to another of my vintage Casio LCD watches.

This model is the SA-54 and is the second of the SA- watches I've blogged (-the first being in June 2014). The SA watches seem to have first appeared in 1984, and I've seen quotes that this SA-54 model was released in that year. The SA- watches seem to share a slim design as a common design feature, and this SA-54 fits with that brief, being only about 4mm thick.

It has a standard 6 digit LCD panel, with smaller seconds and a narrow first digit. Inside is a Casio 145 quartz movement which is an alarm chronograph module. Overall, this gives the watch dual time, an timer modes as well as the alarm and chronograph, and these are marked just above the LCD display.

The back has the older design with the information engraved in a ring. It into has the basic information present, just saying the brand, model, movement number, and material (stainless steel back). There is also a serial number, and that this watch was made in Japan.


  1. Hi there would you be willing to sell your casio 145 sa54 watch at all? regards

  2. The module 145 was presented in February 1982, it was sold in the SA-50 in the 1982 catalog. And the SA series seems to be the Stainless Steel version - the A663 looks almost identical to the SA-54, but with a base metal case only.