Thursday, 5 February 2015

Deadman GV4095 Dial and Disc

Today is my first Deadman watch of the year, and one of the most unusual designs I've found.

The Deadman range are one of my personal favourites, as they made an interesting range of designs but I don't know too much about them (yet). The watches were around in the late 90s, and featured in the watch magazines of that time, but apart from that, there is nothing published about them (apart from on my blog). The watches were low cost fashion watches with prices around ¥3-4000, compared to the ¥12-20,000 of the similarly aged 1481010 watches.

This model has a different way of telling the time compared to anything I've come across in my years of collecting. I've blogged many watches with dials or discs, but this is the first with both, in parallel. The watch shows the time in two ways at the same time. There is an inner circle where there are windows to read the rotating disc (hours at the top on an inner ring, and minutes at the bottom on the outer ring). Around the outside of this circle you can see the ends of the two hands which show exactly the same time (as the hands are part of the discs) with a pointer for hours and line for minutes. There is also a seconds marker which is a small dot which also goes around the outside.

The watch has a round face in a metal case, with a metal strap and usual Deadman clasp. The markings on the back state this is the GV4095.

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