Saturday, 7 February 2015

J-Axis Lamue Large Oval Watch

It's a big watch for me today, but one that is technically a ladies watch.

This watch is part of a range called Lamue, made by the Japanese brand J-Axis. The J-Axis watches are produced by Sun Flame Co Ltd, and have been made since 1987. They have been released in 6 different series, but the lines like Lamue seem to be spread across the series, so I haven't completely worked out how it's all arranged.

This model is an analogue quartz watch with a large oval case. It is a 3 hand dial design with short fat hands in the middle of the dial. The design is very sparkly, with a sparkly coating on the hands, and jewels in each of the hour numbers/markers (-it has numbers for the even hours and just jewels for the odd numbers apart from 3 and 9 where there is a line of jewels). The case is very large compared to the module, and the back plate looks tiny in comparison - it is 4.5cm by 5.5cm with a 2cm back.

The watch doesn't appear much online, so I assume it isn't sold anymore. My guess therefore is that this is a 2000s model.

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