Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Appetime Yellow Square Watch

Today's watch is another fashion watch which is popular in the far east, but is yet to get much recognition in the rest of the world.

The brand is called Appetime, and they started in 2000. They come from Japan, and aim to make watches that 'inspire you to want to wear always', and 'make your everyday happy'. The watches are mainly aimed at women, and fall into the 'cute and elegant' style, with a wide range of styles and colours to fit any occasion (and outfit). The brand hasn't spread far from Japan, with stores in Japan and the Philippines.

This model is one of the Appetime Square watches. It is designed to remind you of a button in an elevator, and each design has a letter or symbol in the middle of the glass (- this one is a C, but I've seen R, B1, B2, L, 10, and a triangle). I think the range came out in 2010, but doesn't seem to be sold anymore.

It is a 3 hand dial design with an analogue quartz movement. The watch module is encased in a 1 piece polyurethane case and strap, with a stainless steel screw-on back.

The back reveals the watch has a VJ21 quartz movement (which I think is from Seiko), with a full model number of VJ21-5030. From the label, this model has a catalogue number of SVJ211117, and an original sale price of ¥6,500.

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