Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Storm Pentax Round

It's a quick post today as I'm a little sick.

The watch I'm blogging is another of my Storm watches, and unfortunately, it has a broken LCD.

The model is called the Pentax Round, and it is a small ladies LCD watch. I've seen the watch online a couple of times, but it has been marketed then as a ring watch with a short strap - my one has a long strap, and so is definitely a wrist watch. The LCD is very small with the hours and minutes in opposite corners. Looking inside, I think that the module used is the same as the Storm Navigator I've blogged previously. It is a simple module with just the 4 digits of time, and the watch doesn't have any buttons (except for the inset ones for time setting) so you can't even change the display.

This watch still seems to be for sale online, so I think it will align with the 2009 reissue of the Navigator and is likely a 2010s model. The place I've seen it for sale was New Zealand, and it stated there that the rrp was 149 New Zealand Dollars.

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