Wednesday, 11 February 2015

JPG In Space watch

I while ago I blogged about a range of watches by Jean Paul Gaultier from the late 90s. Today's watch is also from that collection, but a very different design.

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the more well known fashion designers (and also has a range of perfumes and aftershaves), and is recognised for his flamboyant style. He has produced many well known outfits for celebrities, with his most famous work probably being for Madonna with her cone bra (or maybe his men in skirts who included David Beckham). In 1997, he collaborated with Citizen to produce a range of watches which included both analogue and digital models.

This watch is one of the analogue designs, and has the text JPG In Space on the dial. It is a 3 hand dial design, with a Citizen 1030 movement inside. The case is round and quite deep. The face of the watch is a good distance behind the glass and features a yellow, blue, and purple curvy geometric design. The numbers are printed on the inside of the glass and are in the retro computer style font. The design is completed with an striped shiny strap with leather backing that looks orange from one angle and green from a different angle.

The back has the JPG logo as with the others in this range, and states this is made of basd metal and is water resistant. The full model number is shown and is 1030-L16231. There is no serial number on this model, but the similarities to the other JPG watches and the use of the Citizen 1030 module in the 1481010 1481010 watches in the same period make me conclude that this is also from around 1997. Several colour variations were produced, and I've seen a blue one too.

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