Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lip Mach 2000 Chronograph Silver Master

Today's watch is by French brand Lip. The brand's history started in 1867, with the formation of a clock workshop by Emmanuel Isaac Lipman in Besançon. The Lip brand was formally registered in 1908, and the lip mark on the dials was born, and then in 1952 Lip releases the world's first electric watch.

In 1975 Lip collaborated with a designer called Roger Tallon, who was an internationally renowned transportation designer who had worked for General Motors, Mexico City's underground, and later designed the Corail locomotive for SNCF.

One of the ranges they developed was the Lip Mach 2000 range, and this watch is the Silver Master design. The watch is a 2-hand dial for time, has a chronograph activated by the yellow button and reset by the red (which uses the second hand) . The blue crown changes the time and date, and can change the hour and minute separately (which is useful for travelling or when the clocks change).
The watches have been sold since 1975, but can still be bought today. I think this is one of the modern models.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Future Funk dome watch

I have many watches that I bought just because they looked interesting rather than knowing about them, and this is one!

The watch is by/called Future Funk, and is an LCD display set in a very deep clear plastic dome case (and angled slightly downwards).

The display has 4 sections, the top showing the date, the middle two hours and minutes, and seconds on the bottom. The watch has alarm and stopwatch functions, and has a small bulb behind the seconds for lighting.

I don't know anything else about the watch, so again, any information is welcomed!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 - Lonesome Puppy by Yoshitomo Nara

Citizen worked with several artists to provide special edition watches for their 1481010 range. Yoshitomo Nara was the most frequent collaborator, producing 4 watches in the 1481010s.
Nara is a Japanese artist who came to be known during Japan's pop art movement of the 90s. His work tend to be simply drawn, and are scary cute, tending to show things such as cute girls but carrying large knives!

This watch is of his Lonesome Puppy character, who is shown on the face of the watch along with multi coloured dots. The strap also has dots, but raised out of the leather, and a tartan backing. The back of the watch shows another of his characters, along with his signature, and the band to hold the strap in place has an engraved bone.

As part of the package (which originally sold for 18,000yen), the watch came in a light wooden box with an engraved figure on the front (the same character as on the watch back). Inside the cover of the box, it states that "This model is dedicated to Shonen Knife". Shonen Knife are a J-Pop group, who's album Happy Hour (1998) had a cover designed by Nara.

The watch was released in 2000 with the catalogue number IT21-4117i, and was limited to 500 watches.
It is based on the 6038 module, with rotating discs to show the time, and I've blogged others from this general design. The model number is 6038-L19966.

For more information about the 1481010 range, see my summary page here

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ince H104

Another unusual design watch I've been unable to find information on!

The watch is by Ince, and has been given the ID H104.

On the face of the watch, you are only able to see half of the hour dial, and so the numbers show in two different colours (12-6 in white, and 6-12 in black). To tell the time, the hour hand has two colours which correspond to one of the sets of numbers (as with the Neatnik watch I've published before). Minutes are shown with a rotating disc that you can only see the top of, and seconds are on a rotating disc in the centre.

Overall, the watch is 3bar water resistant, and has a Japanese movement.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Saishin Retsu by Tokyoflash Japan

Today I wore another of the LED watches by Tokyoflash Japan.

This watch is called Retsu, which translates to "violent" - something that I don't associate with the watch design at all!

The watch is very small and light (only 40g),and has a single column of numbered LEDs. When the button is pressed, the LEDs 'scroll' upwards, stopping at a number sequentially until all of the times digits have been displayed.

It seems to have been released in 2006, and was a limited edition.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Swatch 1994 Silver Plate GM129/130

My watch today is a bit of a mystery - no matter how much I've searched on the Swatch site, I can't find it!
This Swatch watch has a rotating dial display, with the hours in black, and the minutes in white (closer to the edge). At the edge of the dial, it states copyright Swatch AG 1994. On the back, there are two numbers 521 and 9003.
Anyone able to help with more info?

I found the watch in a book on Swatch collecting, so have more information.
The watch is called the Silver Plate, and was released as part of the 1995 Spring collection under a series called Metal Techno. Two code numbers for the model are given - GM129/130

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Quiz - Alien DNA

It's been a while since the last Sunday Quiz, so I thought I should set one up again today!

The watch in question is the Alien DNA. It was released in the 00s (around 2006) in association with Tokyoflash Japan, with an original sale price of 15,900yen.

The display uses a back-lit multi-colour LCD to show the time, and the question, as usual, is what time does it say? I'll update the post once someone guesses correctly!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Relax for Cash by Dominique Obadia

NSFW watch alert!

Today's watch is a little rude! Time is shown by a small model of a naked woman who rotates as the minute hand with her feet pointing to the time. The hours are shown on a rotating clear disc with a red dot marking the hour.

The front shows the word "relax", while on the back the words "for cash". The watch is by Dominique Obadia, and was made in France in 1982. It has a mechanical mechanism, and is in-effect a 2-hand dial watch.

Dominique Obadia is a French artist. He was born in Paris in 1949, and various art prints can be found online.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Infinity Optics Watch

Today's watch is designed with an optical illusion - an infinity mirror.

The idea behind the watch is that when you press the light button, a UV (or black light) LED lights, making the hands of the watch glow. The back of the watch lens is partially mirrored, and the face is fully mirrored. This makes the reflections repeat, and it looks like you can see the hands stretching off to infinity. The method is covered by US patent no. 5,810,465, if you want to know more on the technique (and here is the link).

The watch itself is a normal 3-hand dial with a Japanese movement. The light and watch movement have different batteries (with the movement hidden under the control board for the light) - the watch takes an AG1, and the light uses a larger battery (maybe a CR2025). I don't know too much about the company, but the back of the watch states the watch is copyright to "Can You Imagine".

You are able to buy the watch still for $30-$35.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Seiko Alba AKA V742 - Silver Limited Edition

I've posted a lot of the late 90s Citizen watches, recently, but not much about their rivals Seiko/Alba.
1999 was the 20th anniversary of the Alba brand, and as this limited edition Alba watch has only 1999 watches made, I guess this was a special release to mark Alba's birthday.
The watch is part of the Alba AKA range, and is a shiny variant on the models referred to in the catalogue as AMBN...
Design of the watch is very futuristic with interlocking metal pieces, rounded design, and very shiny finish, but is a very simple type of watch.
It is powered by a V742 module, and is a 3-hand dial with date. The watch is 10 bar water resistant. AKA is stamped in several places on the strap (which has a part number of F153AZ.E).

The full watch model number is V742-5A20, and I guess this was released in 1999. The normal versions of the AMBN... watches were originally sold for 17,000yen (1999 prices).

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010, Ana-Digi Temp module 8987 - blue

In the 1481010 range, Citizen released two versions of Ana-Digi Temp watch - the 8989 module I've shown previously, and this watch, the 8987 module.

The module in this watch has the same functions as the 8989, with dual time, date, alarm, temperature, and stopwatch. The layout also has the same 2 electronic dials (defaulting to time on the left and seconds on the right), and LCD displays below.

The main difference is in the design of the watch case. This watch has the dials slightly offset to the right, and uses a large heavy square metal case.

This 1481010 model was released near the start of the 1481010 collections lifetime, and my watch here was made in 1998. For more information on the 1481010 range, see here. For more information on the Ana-Digi watches, see here.

The full model number is 8987-L19010

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 D380 - LTJ Bukem limited edition

I have a lot of D380 watches in my 1481010 collection, and here is another one!

In 1998, the Citizen Independent 1481010 brand collaborated with Good Looking Records and DJ LTJ Bukem to produce a set of special watches. All of the watches in this collection have black faces and gold writing, and this one also has a shiny black curved metal strap, rather than the normal silver one.

The back of the watch is stamped with the Good Looking Records logo, and the LTJ Bukem name.
LTJ Bukem is otherwise known as Danny Williamson, and he is known as one of the innovators of drum and bass music. Good Looking Records was formed in the early 90s by Bukem, for releasing Jungle and Drum and Bass music, and last released a record in 2009.

Apart from the design, this is a normal D380 with the curved dot matrix LCD, and the usual dual alarm and chronograph modes.

The full model number is D380-S68806. For more information on the 1481010 range, see here

Monday, 18 June 2012

Casio BP-120 Blood Pressure Monitor - Black Resin version

Today's post is of a watch that I've blogged a version of before.

The watch is another BP-120 Blood Pressure Monitor, and I've blogged the silver metallic previously (-the post is the second most popular so far on my blog, and can be found here).

This one is the black resin version, having a black case, and a black resin strap with BP-120 marked just below the face (the strap is part number 374 H2 for those who are interested in those sorts of things).

As with the other BP-120, and the BP-300, this uses the 1101 module to power the watch and blood pressure monitoring.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Soul No. 080

Sorry for the lack of photos, there is a problem with the Blogger App that I use that means it crashes if I try to upload (or even save) if I have more than 1 in any post.

This is another watch I don't know much about. I bought it because looked interesting, rather than because it was something I had been looking for.

Normally, the watch has a metal panel with the word Soul covering the dial. The photo shows the watch with the front panel open, which is done by sliding it down. Time is shown on a normal 3-hand dial with a quartz movement.

On the face of the dial, there are a set of symbols (which could be stylized Japanese characters), and these are also repeated on the back of the watch and on the clasp. The back also has Soul No. 080 written there.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Spaceman 7Z by Andre Le Marquand

I should have blogged this watch a couple of weeks ago, but I'd put it down while moving things, and left it behind in the wrong house!

So after a short wait, here is the Spaceman 7Z by Andre Le Marquand. The watch is part of the Spaceman range which were started in the late 60s by Le Marquand. The range also includes the original Spaceman (not blogged yet), and the Spaceman Audacieuse (which I've blogged earlier). This watch has the most 'normal' design in the range, and was released in 1972 (so is 40 years old this year).

The watch has a 3-hand dial, with the date at the 3 o'clock position. It is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement.

The watch has a Spaceman embossed on the plastic back, which is the same as the original Spaceman, and the strap design with the 3 prongs is also similar.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Casio DBC-63 Dino Zone - Pterodactyl

Super geeky watch alert! 

This is a Dinozone Casio Telememo watch, called the DBC-63. The watch has been done in conjunction with the Dinosaur Society, and the only group called this that I can find are one that aims to increase knowledge about dinosaurs (
It is a Telememo with 50 slots for phone numbers, and the 1276 module used also has schedule, calculator, world time, alarm, and stopwatch.

The backlight has a picture of a pterosaur (and i think it is a pterodactyl), and on the back is a picture of a person and a dinosaur looking like they are shaking hands. The strap and the back also have The Dinosaur Society written on them. These models were limited editions with only a small release. 

I think this model is the DBC-63-NS-9T, and was released in November 1997.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Storm slide front watch

Another Storm of London watch is being worn today!

I don't know much about the age and model name, but it is an interesting design!

The watch looks like a metal slab with Storm written down the front. In the O, is a magnifying glass bubble, through which you can see to the dial inside.

The inside can be seen properly by sliding the face upwards, and this reveals the 3-hand dial with date (at the 6 o'clock position).

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Citizen Independent Chronograph J501

Time for another of the more modern Citizen Independent watches today. I wanted a smart looking watch, and this was perfect for the event!
The watch has an analogue display with a main 3-hand dial, and 3 smaller dials evenly spaced around the dial. The small dials cover a 24-hr hour dial, and seconds and minutes for the stopwatch (which is operated using the two buttons) . The movement used is a J501.
Design-wise, the watch has a cut glass face, making it rather shiny, and a metal strap which integrates into the watch head.
The full model number is J501-003071, and it was made in 2009.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Citizen Vagary Dual Dial GA1W

Under the Citizen watch company, there are many sub-lines (including the Independent, 1481010, and Trans Continents lines). The Vagary line is another of those, and seems to be for an older audience than the others.
This watch is an analogue watch with two separate dials. The head of the watch has a double hinge which allows the watch to bend on your wrist, and also to completely fold in half (so you could use it like a nurses watch if you wanted).

There are two separate movements in the watch, but only given the designation GA1W.
The top display is a 2-hand dial, with hour numbers marked around the rim. The bottom display is a 3-hand dial with date, and has minutes numbers around the rim.

I don't know how old the watch is because unlike the normal Citizen watches, there is no long serial number, hence the manufacturing date isn't shown.
The full model number is GA1W-S043859

Monday, 11 June 2012

Casio G-Shock 12 Beasts G-100BT

Today was a DIY day, so I needed a watch up for a bit of punishment, and therefore a G-Shock came to mind!
Today's G-Shock is the G-100BT 12 Beasts. This is one of the Ana-Digi models in the G-Shock range, with a large dial, and inverse LCD screen.
On the dial, there are the Chinese symbols for the numbers 1-12, and on the back are the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
This is one of 7 watches in the 12 Beasts range, which were released in March 2000. Each comes in a different colour, with a different symbol where the lower strap connection is.
There is a double strap with first a velcro fastening, and also a plastic clip, making it very secure on your wrist.

It uses the 2327 module, and has dual time, alarm, stopwatch, and calendar. The analogue dial is electronic, and the h-set button changes the time in 20-sec increments.
This particular one is the G-100BT-3E2V, and is the yellow version in the 12 Beasts range.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bandai WristChanger - What time is it now?

Today marks the first time I'm blogging a watch which I haven't worn. In the collection, I have a few vintage watches which are still sealed in their original packaging. Because of this, I've decided to keep them in mint condition, and not open the box!

This watch is the WristChanger by Bandai. It was released in 1985 (a little later than the Tokima robots) as a boys toy watch, with a tag line on the box of "What time is it now?".

The base watch houses the LCD watch module, which is raised in the middle of the watch head, and is between two metal clips. The base watch also has a dragons head for the buckle, and is shown on the back to be a 'toy' in itself.

The other parts in the box are the three attachments that does an be fitted into the watch head and are:
Type 1 - robot
Type 2 - car
Type 3 - jet
From what I've found online, there is also a set of decals to be applies along with the instructions.

The watch has a model number of 035691, and takes LR626 batteries.

There have been a few of these out for sale with them being sold around $200

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Square Leather Abacus D420

There are many different designs in the 1481010 range, and the rarity varies with each model. Out of the Abacus models, the square design with a wide leather strap is probably the rarest (based on how infrequently you see them for sale).

The watch has an array of 25 LEDs which is uses to show the time, powered by a D420 module. Pressing the large button on the front sets the time off, starting with an animation before showing the time in two ways. The first is the g mode, which shows the time as an abacus (in rows) with hours in green (and red for 5s), and the minutes in orange (also with red for 5s), with a row inbetween. This is similar to the D410 module that I've shown before here. The second mode is the n mode, where the display shows the time as a sequence of numbers (with a colon inbetween).

Time adjustment, and display mode changing, is done with a button hidden round the back. While the time is showing, holding this button will start setting mode, with repeated presses shifting what will be changed by pressing the front button.

This version came out around the year 2000. The full model number is D420-S77783

More information on the 1481010 range can be found here.

Abacus display (15:39)

Time display (showing a 4)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Casio Poptone Ana-Digi LCF-20

Today's Casio is a very retro inspired design. It reminds me of the Pac Man games, with the barriers with rounded corners, and the dots between them.

This is an Ana-Digi with an inverse dot-matrix LCD, and very small (electronic) dial. The top left display shows seconds, and the bottom can show either date, day, or time.

The watch is run by a 5078 module, and has world time, timer, alarm, and stopwatch. The display also has dots between the various displays. These dots fill up over 10 seconds (normally in pairs), before disappearing over the next 10 sec.

The instructions for the module can be found here, or downloaded direct from Casio here

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Jump Hour module 6160 Orange

This 1481010 model is probably the one I've seen the most on Ebay (although usually for ridiculously high prices).

The 6160 module is a near full jump hour watch. Unlike the others which use a continuously rotating dial, the hour dial does not move until 15min before the hour. For the last 15min, the hour dial rotates to the next hour, and stays for 45min.

The design of the watch is quite eyecatching, with a continuous metal strap and mixture of triangles and curves.

The orange version is one of the rarest of this design, with light grey being much more common.
The full model number is 6160-L17980.

For more info on the 1481010 range, see here

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nintendo Super Mario Race GameWatch Boy GBE-003 by Mani

Near my city, there is currently an exhibition called Game On 2.0 which is about the history of video games. To commemorate my visit today, I thought I should wear a game watch and so I chose this one.

The watch is my second watch by Mani, who made several watches for Nintendo in 1992. This goes under the name of GameWatch Boy (rather than GameBoy Watch), and is shaped like a first generation GameBoy. This version has a game included, rather than the plain LCD watch I uploaded before here.

The mode is changed by the central button (which looks like two buttons, but is really one). There are two game modes and an alarm as well as the time. The game is a car racing game, where you use the keypad and A/B buttons to move left and right, and you gain points for passing cars. Mario appears at the side of the track with the finish flag. When the time mode is running, the watch shows the race running for you to watch.

The model number is GBE-003, and fits with the normal Mani Nintendo toy numbering system using GBE.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

DEEP DT007 Ana-Digi

Today is another watch I know very little about.
The watch is a DEEP DT007, which is an Ana-Digi watch with dual dot matrix LCD panels, and a standard 3-hand dial in the middle. On the LCD displays, there are various modes (dual time, chronograph with split times, alarm x2, and timer), with an el-backlight.
This watch was originally sold in Japan (for 3675yen), but is not for sale any longer, and second hand versions are marketed as "rare".