Saturday, 9 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Square Leather Abacus D420

There are many different designs in the 1481010 range, and the rarity varies with each model. Out of the Abacus models, the square design with a wide leather strap is probably the rarest (based on how infrequently you see them for sale).

The watch has an array of 25 LEDs which is uses to show the time, powered by a D420 module. Pressing the large button on the front sets the time off, starting with an animation before showing the time in two ways. The first is the g mode, which shows the time as an abacus (in rows) with hours in green (and red for 5s), and the minutes in orange (also with red for 5s), with a row inbetween. This is similar to the D410 module that I've shown before here. The second mode is the n mode, where the display shows the time as a sequence of numbers (with a colon inbetween).

Time adjustment, and display mode changing, is done with a button hidden round the back. While the time is showing, holding this button will start setting mode, with repeated presses shifting what will be changed by pressing the front button.

This version came out around the year 2000. The full model number is D420-S77783

More information on the 1481010 range can be found here.

Abacus display (15:39)

Time display (showing a 4)

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