Sunday, 17 June 2012

Soul No. 080

Sorry for the lack of photos, there is a problem with the Blogger App that I use that means it crashes if I try to upload (or even save) if I have more than 1 in any post.

This is another watch I don't know much about. I bought it because looked interesting, rather than because it was something I had been looking for.

Normally, the watch has a metal panel with the word Soul covering the dial. The photo shows the watch with the front panel open, which is done by sliding it down. Time is shown on a normal 3-hand dial with a quartz movement.

On the face of the dial, there are a set of symbols (which could be stylized Japanese characters), and these are also repeated on the back of the watch and on the clasp. The back also has Soul No. 080 written there.

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