Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lip Mach 2000 Chronograph Silver Master

Today's watch is by French brand Lip. The brand's history started in 1867, with the formation of a clock workshop by Emmanuel Isaac Lipman in Besançon. The Lip brand was formally registered in 1908, and the lip mark on the dials was born, and then in 1952 Lip releases the world's first electric watch.

In 1975 Lip collaborated with a designer called Roger Tallon, who was an internationally renowned transportation designer who had worked for General Motors, Mexico City's underground, and later designed the Corail locomotive for SNCF.

One of the ranges they developed was the Lip Mach 2000 range, and this watch is the Silver Master design. The watch is a 2-hand dial for time, has a chronograph activated by the yellow button and reset by the red (which uses the second hand) . The blue crown changes the time and date, and can change the hour and minute separately (which is useful for travelling or when the clocks change).
The watches have been sold since 1975, but can still be bought today. I think this is one of the modern models.

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