Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Citizen Vagary Dual Dial GA1W

Under the Citizen watch company, there are many sub-lines (including the Independent, 1481010, and Trans Continents lines). The Vagary line is another of those, and seems to be for an older audience than the others.
This watch is an analogue watch with two separate dials. The head of the watch has a double hinge which allows the watch to bend on your wrist, and also to completely fold in half (so you could use it like a nurses watch if you wanted).

There are two separate movements in the watch, but only given the designation GA1W.
The top display is a 2-hand dial, with hour numbers marked around the rim. The bottom display is a 3-hand dial with date, and has minutes numbers around the rim.

I don't know how old the watch is because unlike the normal Citizen watches, there is no long serial number, hence the manufacturing date isn't shown.
The full model number is GA1W-S043859

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