Thursday, 28 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 - Lonesome Puppy by Yoshitomo Nara

Citizen worked with several artists to provide special edition watches for their 1481010 range. Yoshitomo Nara was the most frequent collaborator, producing 4 watches in the 1481010s.
Nara is a Japanese artist who came to be known during Japan's pop art movement of the 90s. His work tend to be simply drawn, and are scary cute, tending to show things such as cute girls but carrying large knives!

This watch is of his Lonesome Puppy character, who is shown on the face of the watch along with multi coloured dots. The strap also has dots, but raised out of the leather, and a tartan backing. The back of the watch shows another of his characters, along with his signature, and the band to hold the strap in place has an engraved bone.

As part of the package (which originally sold for 18,000yen), the watch came in a light wooden box with an engraved figure on the front (the same character as on the watch back). Inside the cover of the box, it states that "This model is dedicated to Shonen Knife". Shonen Knife are a J-Pop group, who's album Happy Hour (1998) had a cover designed by Nara.

The watch was released in 2000 with the catalogue number IT21-4117i, and was limited to 500 watches.
It is based on the 6038 module, with rotating discs to show the time, and I've blogged others from this general design. The model number is 6038-L19966.

For more information about the 1481010 range, see my summary page here

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