Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bandai WristChanger - What time is it now?

Today marks the first time I'm blogging a watch which I haven't worn. In the collection, I have a few vintage watches which are still sealed in their original packaging. Because of this, I've decided to keep them in mint condition, and not open the box!

This watch is the WristChanger by Bandai. It was released in 1985 (a little later than the Tokima robots) as a boys toy watch, with a tag line on the box of "What time is it now?".

The base watch houses the LCD watch module, which is raised in the middle of the watch head, and is between two metal clips. The base watch also has a dragons head for the buckle, and is shown on the back to be a 'toy' in itself.

The other parts in the box are the three attachments that does an be fitted into the watch head and are:
Type 1 - robot
Type 2 - car
Type 3 - jet
From what I've found online, there is also a set of decals to be applies along with the instructions.

The watch has a model number of 035691, and takes LR626 batteries.

There have been a few of these out for sale with them being sold around $200

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