Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nintendo Super Mario Race GameWatch Boy GBE-003 by Mani

Near my city, there is currently an exhibition called Game On 2.0 which is about the history of video games. To commemorate my visit today, I thought I should wear a game watch and so I chose this one.

The watch is my second watch by Mani, who made several watches for Nintendo in 1992. This goes under the name of GameWatch Boy (rather than GameBoy Watch), and is shaped like a first generation GameBoy. This version has a game included, rather than the plain LCD watch I uploaded before here.

The mode is changed by the central button (which looks like two buttons, but is really one). There are two game modes and an alarm as well as the time. The game is a car racing game, where you use the keypad and A/B buttons to move left and right, and you gain points for passing cars. Mario appears at the side of the track with the finish flag. When the time mode is running, the watch shows the race running for you to watch.

The model number is GBE-003, and fits with the normal Mani Nintendo toy numbering system using GBE.


  1. are you selling it ??

  2. Hi, ive just recently bought one of these off ebay and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the time to show. Unless I am being stupid. Can I please have some help. Thank you

  3. When you lost 3 lives/toad, push/hold the start/select button, then the time will apear in the top right where your score would be... I got the problem, don't know how to set the time.... :(

  4. There one for sale on eBay right now

  5. To change the time, press the side button once when clock is displayed, then use the + button to change the hour and the AB button to change the minutes, afterwards press the side button once more to mine yesterday :P