Friday, 15 June 2012

Casio DBC-63 Dino Zone - Pterodactyl

Super geeky watch alert! 

This is a Dinozone Casio Telememo watch, called the DBC-63. The watch has been done in conjunction with the Dinosaur Society, and the only group called this that I can find are one that aims to increase knowledge about dinosaurs (
It is a Telememo with 50 slots for phone numbers, and the 1276 module used also has schedule, calculator, world time, alarm, and stopwatch.

The backlight has a picture of a pterosaur (and i think it is a pterodactyl), and on the back is a picture of a person and a dinosaur looking like they are shaking hands. The strap and the back also have The Dinosaur Society written on them. These models were limited editions with only a small release. 

I think this model is the DBC-63-NS-9T, and was released in November 1997.

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