Monday, 25 June 2012

Swatch 1994 Silver Plate GM129/130

My watch today is a bit of a mystery - no matter how much I've searched on the Swatch site, I can't find it!
This Swatch watch has a rotating dial display, with the hours in black, and the minutes in white (closer to the edge). At the edge of the dial, it states copyright Swatch AG 1994. On the back, there are two numbers 521 and 9003.
Anyone able to help with more info?

I found the watch in a book on Swatch collecting, so have more information.
The watch is called the Silver Plate, and was released as part of the 1995 Spring collection under a series called Metal Techno. Two code numbers for the model are given - GM129/130


  1. been looking for the info too. mine has 510 and 6549 on the back

    1. I found the information on the watch - it's called Silver Plate, and is from the 1995 Spring Collection! I've updated the blog post to cover the rest of the info :-)

    2. More info - the code 6549 means your watch was made in Italy (where 9003 means Switzerland)

  2. i own this watch. anyone looking to buy it? email me at

  3. Hi I also own one, in case the previous one has been sold.

  4. I also own this model ,is it very rare
    ?? does anyone have any idea what they sell for , i could be tempted if the price was right

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  6. I HAVE ONE OF THEM :) it works regularly. very funny