Friday, 22 June 2012

Infinity Optics Watch

Today's watch is designed with an optical illusion - an infinity mirror.

The idea behind the watch is that when you press the light button, a UV (or black light) LED lights, making the hands of the watch glow. The back of the watch lens is partially mirrored, and the face is fully mirrored. This makes the reflections repeat, and it looks like you can see the hands stretching off to infinity. The method is covered by US patent no. 5,810,465, if you want to know more on the technique (and here is the link).

The watch itself is a normal 3-hand dial with a Japanese movement. The light and watch movement have different batteries (with the movement hidden under the control board for the light) - the watch takes an AG1, and the light uses a larger battery (maybe a CR2025). I don't know too much about the company, but the back of the watch states the watch is copyright to "Can You Imagine".

You are able to buy the watch still for $30-$35.

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