Sunday, 30 June 2013

Swatch Original Spaceguy Stripp

Another unusual boxed watch again today, and this time it's a Swatch.

The watch is called Stripp (or Spaceguy Stripp), and is number SDN120 in the Swatch collection. It is a plastic watch in the Originals family and was released as part of the 1996 Fall/Winter collection.

The watch is made up to be a Spaceman called Stripp. The box says that Stripp is from spaceworld. He has just landed on Earth and is very excited to be the first creature from his planet to explore this unknown territory. The watch face is Stripp's face, and the lower half of the strap is his (topless) torso. It is, however, covered with a spacesuit (designed by his girlfriend, who is very keen on fashion), and this is detachable. In the box, you also get two outfits to swap with - a fitness suit, and a shopping suit.

The watch is a 3-hand dial, with a rotating bezel. It is 30m water resistant, and glows in the dark.

So the watch closes with the request:
"Dress well to keep Earth's reputation among the cosmos" in case you meet one of these spaceguys.

I don't know what the original price was, but one recently sold on ebay for $110.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nixon - The Time Teller P - Yellow Patterned

I'm in yellow today, so wanted a watch to match. And I don't have many watches more yellow than today's watch.

The watch is by Nixon, which is an American watch company founded in 1998. They began with the aim to make watches to allow their customers to show off their personalities in an off-the-shelf piece.

This model is called The Time Teller P, and unlike many of the Nixon watches, is made of polycarbonate rather than metal. The watches came out in a range of colourful designs, and this version (yellow with grey oval patterns) is from the 2010 spring collection. The back also says the word minimal, and a number 9L, and says it is 100m water resistant.

The watch is a basic three hand dial set-up, and uses a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. The strap is made of polyurethane and includes the Locking Looper strap holder (US patent 6,830,156).

The line is still for sale from the Nixon website ($75), but this design is not available anymore. The user manual can also be downloaded from the Nixon site.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Seiko 5 Quartz Rectangular Dial 5Y01

A little while ago I posted about the Seiko 5 range of watches, which were originally produced as Seiko's affordable line of mechanical watches. At that time, I mentioned that they might have also ventured into quartz watches, and today's watch shows that was correct.

This watch is a 3-hand dial watch from the Seiko 5 range. It has a rectangular dial with the Seiko 5 logo (a stylized 5 inside a shield - it's actually a red 5,so maybe there was a Star Wars link?). I don't know exactly when this was released, but the serial number would suggest 86 as the year of manufacture. Based on the original meaning of the 5 in Seiko 5, this watch only matches 1 (maybe), which is water resistance, with the other 4 relating to mechanical movements or a date function. Reading other sites, they hint that there were only two quartz models ever released under the Seiko 5 range (this and a 5Y13A), and neither fit into the normal definition of the range.

It has quite  an elegant understated design with gold hands and trim on a silver watch. The strap is a Seiko branded stainless steel model which matches the body (and has a part number of Z1257).

The watch was made in Japan and has a 5Y01 module (full model number 5Y01-5040).

This model seems pretty uncommon, and this is the only one with this colour variation that I've been able to find online!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nike Triax 35 Black & Orange Blaze

Its a very distinctive design of watch today, and you can easily tell the maker by how it's designed.

The watch is by Nike, and you can tell it is one of their timepieces by the angled face and strap which comes from the opposite corners of the display. This model is one of their 35 lap running watches (the Triax 35 Regular line), and is designed for robust use in wet conditions (-it's 100m water resistant). This one has a catalogue number of WR0031-009 (the 009 is this colour combination Black/Orange Blaze)

As with most of the Nike LCD watches, it displays the time in very large easy to read digits (but with small seconds). There are two other lines above and below the time to show which time is used, and the day and date. It has dual time, alarm, chronograph (35 lap with split), lap data recall, and timer modes, along with a counter function (where a button press advances the count).

The back gives the model number as W620-4020, which suggests that the modules may have been made for Nike by Seiko. If that is correct, the serial number would show this as being made in 2003, which fits with the modules date function starting at 2000.

The back also says that this watch is under US patents D394391, D394391, D394391, and D394395.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Super Lovers Diamond Shaped Watch

Back to the Super Lovers watches again, and this one is also shaped like the Superman logo (which is apt as the new movie is out).

The Harajuku Super Lovers band was founded in 1988 and provides high fashion designs for the fashionable Harajuku Girls of Tokyo. They have produced quite a few watches over the years, and this is the fourth I've blogged.

The watch is a 3-hand dial in a sealed case. I can't open the watch to see what the module is, unless you can somehow open the front.

It is shaped like a diamond (from the side), or the same shape as the superman logo, and has a large heart in the middle (so maybe Super(man) Lovers (heart)) . There is a white leather strap which also has the heart in a diamond logo and an oval with SF inside.

There is no other info on the watch.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Citizen Independent Girl Small Dial

I've not actually been wearing a watch today, so thought I'd blog a ladies watch that just doesn't look right on my thick hairy wrist.

The watch is a small dial watch with three copper coloured hands on a black dial. The copper coloured stainless steel strap then matches the hands. It uses a Japanese 1032 movement (same as the letterbox dial from February) and as cased in China.

It is part of the Citizen Independent Girl range which is a collection of fashionable watches aimed at young women.

The full model number is 1032-003454-01 and would have had a catalogue number starting BB1 (but it isn't for sale anymore). It was manufactured at the end of 2011, but sold early 2012, and likely cost 13,650 yen.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Casio Sports Gear Exercise Trainer AW-60

I've been trying to find out about this watch today, and it's a bit strange - this one has a different module than all of the others I've found, even though it's the same model number.

The watch is the Exercise Trainer, or Personal Trainer watch by Casio, and has a model number of AW-60. It was released in 1992 and is an ana-digi model for sports, which seems to also still be for sale on various websites.

It has a curved LCD display showing 6 digits, along with two dials. The main dial is an electronic dial which adjusts automatically with the LCD display (but can be set separately if required), and there is a small seconds dial which also works for the fitness functions.

This model uses a 729 module, but most of the other AW-60s I've seen have a 730 module. The watch has fitness calculator (which also resets the main dial). This works when you put in they type of exercise, and your age, weight, and sex to set the base setup. The stopwatch then counts the time on the LCD display while the main dial shows the amount of calories you've burned (and there is an alarm for target burn). The calorie data can be saved for up to two weeks. There is also a normal daily alarm too.

It is a very colourful watch in yellow and orange, and was also found in other  variations (most commonly turquoise, pink, and black, but all with a black strap). This model has a matching yellow resin/rubber strap with a part number of 337 F2. The watch's full model number is AW-60J-9E, and this may have been a Japanese model.

The Japanese price was 9,800 yen, and the original US price may have been $79.95 to $99.00 (from Amazon), but can still be bought a little cheaper than that.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hello Kitty Candy Watch

This is one of my silly random buys - a kids watch that I found when buying some sweets and couldn't resist adding to my collection (which I have to admit covers a very random selection)...

The watch is another Hello Kitty watch, made under license by their inventor Sanrio, and is from 2009.

It was made by BIP Holland and made for the European market (rather than my usual Japanese models). The company started in 1987 and supplies a range of confectionery and toy products. They have many licenced products (including Hello Kitty and Disney products), with manufacturing in China.

The watch is a Hello Kitty model on a pink patterned strap. Flipping up the head reveals the LCD display with 4 digits. The LCD module is a sealed unit, with a non-replaceable battery (which the box states is an AG3), so once it is dead, the watch can't be used anymore.

Flipping up the watch module reveals the hidden compartment containing 10g of sweets.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dechonpa Anime Watch - Tonde Mon Pe

Today is the second one of my Dechonpa Anime Watches.

The Dechonpa watch range of watches were released by Bandai in the 1980s and through into the early 90s, and we're released in two types (SD Dechonpa, and Dechonpa Anime Watch). I'd thought that the simpler SD watches came first, but this is my second Anime watch based on a series that aired in 1982.

This one is based on the Anime series Tonde Mon Pe. The anime was from TMS Entertainment which is one of the oldest and most prominent anime studios in Japan (founded in 1946). Tonde Mon Pe came was aired from June 1982 and followed the story of a 15 year old country girl called Mon-Mon who becomes an au-pair for a rising fashion designer  (Mrs Kano), and her psychic baby Pe-Pe (who makes toys and animals do odd things).

The watch features the baby Pe-Pe and her toys/pets (-this is a deduction though, as there is very little on the anime online).

As with the other Anime Watch, there is a large LCD display (under the lid) with time in one corner and a picture which fills as the minute progresses. The picture appears to be of Mon-Mon and Pe-Pe with the same two characters with Pe-Pe on the watches lid. Around the display are Mrs Kano and her writer husband (and some ducks). The time part of the LCD is simple with just time, date, and seconds.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Nooka + S9EZ Zub Zot with Mini NookaNooka

It's been a while since I posted a Nooka, but as I'm off to an opening of an art exhibition, this watch will fit in well.

The Nooka brand was started by Matthew Waldman who's novel designs lead from work with Seiko to running a watch (and accessories) company.

This model is a collaboration between Nooka and S9EZ and features a strap covered in the S9EZ skull logo. S9EZ was started in 2011 by DevilRobots founder Shinichiro Kitai and figurine maker Takuji Honda. They work together in various types of media for the Japanese and international market using the two tone skull logo. It may be a limited edition, but says 001/XXX, so that might just be for show.

The watch is one of Nooka's Zub Zot 20 models. It has an LCD display with a series of dots for the hours, a horizontal bar for the minutes, and a two digit numerical display for seconds. The display can also show the date, and there is an alarm too. This display is called the Zot layout (and is the first Zot I've blogged).
It has a rubber 20mm wide strap with a buckle (the Zub and 20 part of the name).

The watch also has a companion NookaNooka collectors toy. The toy is the representative of the Nooka brand and has a distinctive U shaped head. It can also be used as a stand for the watch which loops around the body and head. So far 11 designs of these have been produced and are linked with the artist series Nooka watches.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Seiko Wired BoA Limited Edition W571

It back to the Wired watches again, and a limited edition too.

This watch is from Seiko's Wired range of watches with their high design watches. This particular model is shown as produced by BoA (and copyright of axev), and is a limited edition of only 500 from 2004.

BoA is a South Korean singer called Kwon Boa (and has used the name with the acronym Beat of Angel), and is referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop. The watch features her logo on the back and on the boxes, and a certificate with a message. 2004 would correspond to her third Japanese album being released and a sci-fi themed Japan tour.

It has an inverse LCD display with a main line of a 4 digit curvy time display. Below that is the year, month, and date (with text saying what the numbers mean just above). There is then a box along the bottom which seems to be the day of the week. It is powered by a W571 module and just seems to have time and maybe alarm modes.

The full model number is W571-0AC0, and has a strap with a part number of F2B8-Z-Q. For strap adjustments, a tool was also included in the box.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Casio Waveceptor WV-50H

I was travelling today, so thought I'd use one of the watches with the radio control to save me changing the time zone.

The Casio Waveceptor range are the Casio watches that use the radio control on different frequencies to connect to stations around the world and automatically set the time.

This Waveceptor is the WV-50H which is a radio controlled watch with a 25 time zone world time. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in Europe as I had to change the time manually anyway.

The watch uses a 2408 module and has a 2 line LCD display. The hours are in large digits along the bottom, with day, date, and seconds along the top. It also has an alarm and stopwatch, as well as a date alert option, and there is an electro-luminescent backlight.

I don't know when this first came out, but the date starts from 2001. I think the original price was somewhere between $30 and $40.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 Astronaut Snoopy

I'm back with a 1481010 again today, but an unusual and quite rare version.

I've blogged a lot about the Citizen Independent 1481010 watches before, and you can find masses of information on my 1481010 overview page.

This one is a collaboration piece between Citizen and Snoopy. The character Snoopy is a dog featured in the Peanuts comic by Charles M Schulz which ran from 1950 to 2000. The Peanuts characters are very popular in Japan, and there are large Snoopy Town shops selling all kinds of Snoopy merchandise. To be more correct, the collaboration is with United Feature Syndicate Inc who hold the copyright to the Peanuts brand. This is mentioned on the back of the watch, and unusually is the only information that the back shows -there is no model number, makers mark, serial number, or place of manufacture shown, which is unique for the 1481010 watches. The only hint this is a 1481010 Independent watch is by the logo on the face.

The watch design features Snoopy in am astronaut suit standing on the moon looking at Earth with Woodstock the bird (also in an astronaut suit) flying nearby. The image is made up of both etched lines on the case and painted lines under the glass.

It is a rotating disc model with a quartz Citizen 6038 movement, and has a window at the left where the discs showing the time can be seen. It is like the old jump hour watchs, but the dials are continuously rotating.

There is no date on the watch, but from the timing of the range, I'd guess this was late 90s or very early 2000s (most of the collaboration models i can put a date on were out from 1998 to 2001). I've not seen this model up for sale very often (-maybe when I bought it was the only time), so I think it is one of the rarer 1481010 watches.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Casio S830 LCD Watch

Over the years, Casio has produced many different LCD watches, and although I have many Casio LCD watches it's only a small fraction of what they have released.

Today's model is the S830 which was released in 1980. It is a stainless steel model using a 140 module, and the glass sits inside (but slightly protruding from) the steel case. The module is one of the chronograph models with a 100th second stopwatch. It has a 5 1/2 digit time display with smaller seconds, and two more digits above the seconds to show the date (or fractions of a second in the stopwatch mode). There is also a day marker along the top of the display. There is no specific setting button on this model, instead having that as an option when cycling through the modes. Apart from the time and chronograph, there are no other modes, but there is a light.

It has a stainless steel strap with a Casio clasp, and this has a part number of B-376L.

This is basically one of the classic looking 80s Casios - simple but still looking good!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lego Star Wars C-3PO & R2-D2 watch

After yesterday, I decided that this would be a robot watch weekend, and today sort-of fits that decision.

The watch is one of the Lego range of watches which were produced by Clic Time Ltd. ClicTime (-it is written both as one and two words) are a UK based firm started in 1999, and manufacture in the UK, US, and Hong Kong. Most of their work are branded or private label, and they are most known for their Lego and Star Wars watches.

These Lego watches are designed to be highly customisable, and feature the Lego knob configuration in a ring around the face and the top of the strap. The strap links can also be clipped in and out to easily change the length.

The watch is a basic 3 hand dial with a Japanese movement and a Chinese case, and is 50m water resistant.

This model is the R2-D2 and C-3PO version, and comes in black, blue, white, and gold (as do the robots). This pair are probably one of the most well known robots from the Star Wars films, and featured in all 6 episodes. It came with two Lego Star Wars minifigures of the two robots.