Friday, 28 June 2013

Seiko 5 Quartz Rectangular Dial 5Y01

A little while ago I posted about the Seiko 5 range of watches, which were originally produced as Seiko's affordable line of mechanical watches. At that time, I mentioned that they might have also ventured into quartz watches, and today's watch shows that was correct.

This watch is a 3-hand dial watch from the Seiko 5 range. It has a rectangular dial with the Seiko 5 logo (a stylized 5 inside a shield - it's actually a red 5,so maybe there was a Star Wars link?). I don't know exactly when this was released, but the serial number would suggest 86 as the year of manufacture. Based on the original meaning of the 5 in Seiko 5, this watch only matches 1 (maybe), which is water resistance, with the other 4 relating to mechanical movements or a date function. Reading other sites, they hint that there were only two quartz models ever released under the Seiko 5 range (this and a 5Y13A), and neither fit into the normal definition of the range.

It has quite  an elegant understated design with gold hands and trim on a silver watch. The strap is a Seiko branded stainless steel model which matches the body (and has a part number of Z1257).

The watch was made in Japan and has a 5Y01 module (full model number 5Y01-5040).

This model seems pretty uncommon, and this is the only one with this colour variation that I've been able to find online!

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