Monday, 10 June 2013

Seiko Wired Chronograph V657

Today is another relatively normal watch, but one in one of the sets of watches I seem to have a mini collection of.

The watch is from the Alba Wired line (which is owned by Seiko), and has a range of smart high tech watches.

This watch is a chronograph with a V657 module. It has a 3 hand dial with date at the 3 o'clock position, and 3 small dials on the face. The dials are part of the chronograph, and cover minutes (left dial), seconds (bottom dial), and tenths of a second (top dial). This is quite a common arrangement, and is standard for the GSX Smart Style watches. The buttons operate the stopwatch, with the top being start/stop, and the bottom being split/reset.

The style is very simple, with just a plain single colour face and silver body/strap, but has the Wired range touches (W symbol on the crown, and 'Wired' engraved on the strap) as well as the name moulded on the side of the case.

From the back, it looks like it was wither from 2000 or 2010, but I'm not sure which. The full model number is V657-0A30, and the strap part number is F1K5JG-C.

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  1. i have this watch but have lost the crown anybody know where to get one