Monday, 24 June 2013

Casio Sports Gear Exercise Trainer AW-60

I've been trying to find out about this watch today, and it's a bit strange - this one has a different module than all of the others I've found, even though it's the same model number.

The watch is the Exercise Trainer, or Personal Trainer watch by Casio, and has a model number of AW-60. It was released in 1992 and is an ana-digi model for sports, which seems to also still be for sale on various websites.

It has a curved LCD display showing 6 digits, along with two dials. The main dial is an electronic dial which adjusts automatically with the LCD display (but can be set separately if required), and there is a small seconds dial which also works for the fitness functions.

This model uses a 729 module, but most of the other AW-60s I've seen have a 730 module. The watch has fitness calculator (which also resets the main dial). This works when you put in they type of exercise, and your age, weight, and sex to set the base setup. The stopwatch then counts the time on the LCD display while the main dial shows the amount of calories you've burned (and there is an alarm for target burn). The calorie data can be saved for up to two weeks. There is also a normal daily alarm too.

It is a very colourful watch in yellow and orange, and was also found in other  variations (most commonly turquoise, pink, and black, but all with a black strap). This model has a matching yellow resin/rubber strap with a part number of 337 F2. The watch's full model number is AW-60J-9E, and this may have been a Japanese model.

The Japanese price was 9,800 yen, and the original US price may have been $79.95 to $99.00 (from Amazon), but can still be bought a little cheaper than that.

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