Saturday, 8 June 2013

DJ Honda LED Watch

Today's watch is my second DJ Honda watch, and I thought it was appropriate as I'm going to a dance music event tonight.

DJ Honda (aka Katsuhiro Honda) is a Japanese hip hop DJ, producer, and clothing company owner. As part of his clothing line which started in the 1990s, he released various watches with his 'h' logo (both printed on the front and engraved on the back, and for this watch, on the clasp).

This watch is an LED watch in the original style with very narrow lines making up the digits. There are two main buttons which are used to show either the time (top), or date (bottom), and there is an inset button for setting (-hold in until the time doesn't disappear when you release the button, and then each of the buttons sets one on the sets of digits).

It is a very chunky design in gold colour, so is pretty noticeable.

The model number is DJ003

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