Friday, 7 June 2013

Casio Personal Planner IA-1120

Today's watch would have been a big thing for business when it original came out, but as with most of these watches, have been superceded by smartphones.

The watch is the Personal Planner watch by Casio and had a model number of IA-1120. It is an Ana-digi model with a 3 hand dial as the main time display. The digital part is covered by a semicircular LCD display with 2 lines, and 5 windows which show markers required for the planning functions. The LCD display has a lot of detail possible, with at least 14 characters being shown along the top line. The bottom line is much smaller, only having 4 digits, and normally showing the current date.

In normal mode, the LCD display shows numbers corresponding to the day letter printed around the display giving a quick view of the date for any particular day of the week (and this can be cycled forward and back to see other weeks). Cycling through the data also allows you to see if there are any events set in the planner for that day. For this planning, you can record events on the watch (i think with reminders, and a start & end time), and can assign categories to the entry (telephone number, sports, meeting, event, anniversary, appointment, travel, and private).

The 782 module that the watch uses covers the planning features, and also has stopwatch and dual time modes.

It seems to have come out in the early 90s (around 93-94), and was available in both silver and gold models. It appears to be a follow-up to the IA-1100, but gets far less hits online (-I found only 2 good links) , so may be much less common.

The watch has a Casio S-385N strap, and has the number 901A1-Y01 printed in very small text at the bottom of the face.

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